Yaris 1.3 CDX, Advise Needed? - BH
After all the positive reviews and road tests, i become very interested in Yaris. Recently, i come across with a website, www.oneswoop.com and the model of 1.3 16v VVTi CDX 5dr come with amazing £9970.

It is imported from europe but it is UK fully specs. and with 3 year warranty.

It is going to be my first car, and i wonder, is it sensible to get the new one or should i get the second hand one around my local? (P.S. Please take account for the strong residual value of Yaris!)

Any comments?

It just sounds sooooo good about Yaris........, i can't wait to get one!!
Yaris 1.3 CDX, Advise Needed? - Andy22
trade sales slough has it for £8999
Yaris 1.3 CDX, Advise Needed? - BH
Thanks, actually while i was doing some more research, www.ukcarbroker.co.uk is offering 1.3 T3 5drs with 8012 + 1st year insurance!!!

Can someone enlighten me the diff. between T3 and CDX?
Yaris 1.3 CDX, Advise Needed? - SteveH42
The T3 is very much lower spec that the CDX. It's roughly the equivalent of the old GS according to the latest Toyota mag, but has a CD player, remote central locking and colour-keyed bumpers as well as side airbags. However, the mag doesn't mention things like electric windows and mirrors and aircon / sunroof on any of the trim levels. Whether these are options or standard on the T-Spirit I can't tell I'm afraid.

TBH, I'd be happy enough with the T3 myself as it has the only thing really worth going up to the GLS for, remote locking, but depending how much more the T-Spirit is, it may be worth considering.


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