National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - Amin_{p}
Just a quick note. Wasn?t it really embarrassing that on the national IQ test, mechanics lost to body builders and had the lowest average IQ out of all the six groups and it was 8 below the average IQ???? Something seriously went wrong there (I am thinking on the lines of where they did they get those mechanics from?!?)?? Still makes you think twice next time you ask your mechanic?s opinion on why the engine diagnosis light is doing a samba on the dashboard??
National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - Baskerville
IQ tests are of dubious value--a bit like JD Power really ;-) A lot depends on the conditions of the test and the subject. For example I have a couple of higher degrees; not a measure of intelligence as such--a PhD measures mindedness as much as anything--but I\'m at least averagely bright I reckon. Yet last week when I had flu, and a temperature of 103F I took the online test and scored at random levels; a chimp might have scored better.

Mechanics may have done badly because they are more used to evading questions than answering them directly. Did any of the questions require them to shake their heads ominously?

National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - RichieW
If you are wondering where the mechanics came from: I saw an advert in "Car Mechanics" magazine a few months back asking for contestants for the programme.
National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - Primera_p
Talking of that magazine. Is it me or have they been taking lessons on product placement from Bond film producers!!
National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - RichieW
They have, but they are honest enough to mention that the articles in question are sponsored by the relevant brands first.


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