Easy car sale - Yoby
Dad advertised his Vauxhall Corsa in local newspaper - didn't expect a lot of response - thought he would have to drop the price over the coming weeks. Not a bit of it - at least 3 people interested. Final bloke offered near enough asking price saying he based his purchase decision on Dad appearing a friendly, honest & down to earth person!

Gave me a kinda warm feeling when Dad told me!!

Bit of a cheesy story I know .... but thought I would share it!

Easy car sale - Obsolete
So what are your tips on emulating sincerity? :>
Easy car sale - smokie
Some people don't have to emulate it Leif... :-)
Easy car sale - king arthur
Vauxhall Corsas are red hot at the moment, punters are always asking me if I have any in, but I just can't buy them. The vehicle of choice for learners, it seems.
Easy car sale - DavidHM
Shame... a friend of mine traded his in and accepted £99. N-reg 1.4 five door in green, 11 months' tax and MoT on it, a recent cam belt and not in bad nick despite 110k. The rest of the deal he got wasn't much better.
Easy car sale - Blue {P}
What!!! No car with 11 months tax and MOT is worth £99, the tax disc on it's own is worth that much. Any running car with that much tax and test must have been worth more...
Easy car sale - DavidHM
Yeah, it was one of those 'your car or £99 as full deposit' deals. The replacement car was an ex-driving school, 2 year old new shape Corsa 1.2 with 41k on it for £7495 (or £2k+ overpriced), 20%+ APR - but they told him the monthly payment (£199 for 5 years!) and he bit. And then they signed him up for 'fire and theft insurance,' whatever that may mean, for £30 a month extra as well.
Easy car sale - Blue {P}
Hmmm... Sounds a bit like my mate when he was buying his car... Only interested in the weekly or monthly payment and nothing else.

Have you had the heart to tell him that he has been royally stuffed by the dealer?

Easy car sale - glowplug
>'fire and theft insurance,'

Who'd steal a car that was on fire?

Sorry couldn't help it!

Easy car sale - DavidHM
lol, fair enough, I wouldn't be surprised if the insurance contract was drafted so narrowly that you had to get both events, in that order, before it woudl pay out.

Oh and Blue, no, he doesn't know quite how bad the deal is. If he'd shopped around, for the amount of money he's paid, he could have had a new shape Vectra 3.2 on an 02 plate with 12k on the clock.

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