V-car register - owen
Can anyone tell me a bit more about the "V-car register"? I know it's a register of cars which have been written off at some point, but what do the different classes mean?

I was just wondering since i've seen a few Elises "category D on the V-car" for sale with reasonable discounts as a result. Now if that means that someone's managed to repair some fibreglass crash damage considerable cheaper than a Lotus garage, then I personally would have no problem in purchasing it. If, however, the crash had knocked the suspension out with the result that the car didn't drive as it should, then that obviously defeats the object of buying an Elise, and so I wouldn't bother.

So what exactly is a "class C" and "class D"? And why do I never see classes A and B??

V-car register - teabelly
Classes A & B are so badly damaged that they must not be put back on the road and have to be broken up for spares. C & D are the ones that are beyond economic repair but can be put back onto the road subject to an engineer's report now I think. A category D is the lightest amount of damage. But if a lotus elise has been written off as being uneconomical then you are looking at around 8-10k worth of repairs at full insurance rates which is quite substantial when the new cars are only just over 20k to buy and second hand ones are around 13-14k at their cheapest.
V-car register - owen
Cheers HJ, i'll take a look.

On a more relevant note then, does anybody have any good or bad personal experiences with buying or selling cars on the register?
V-car register - DieselBoy
One of my mates swears by it. He's only ever bought and sold cars on the register. He buys a car cheap, and sells it cheap 12 months later. From memory, his last few cars have been:

Clio 16v
Golf Convertible
Golf VR6

He gets the cars checked over before he buys, and enjoys cheaper motoring...


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