VW Golf Suspension Rust - andrew4
I have a 1991 Mk 2 VW Golf 1300 81,000 miles.

On the rear suspension rust is developing in some areas, mainly on the axle beam and trail arms. The paint is flaking off with pitted rust underneath.

Shall I bother to treat this since the metal here is 4mm thick.



VW Golf Suspension Rust - madf
Do as I do: brush on some Waxoil: will slow down rust...If you still own it after another 6 or so years without treating it, it may be so weak as to fail an MOT.

If however, you plan to sell in the next 3 years or so, why bother?

VW Golf Suspension Rust - 3500S
Set to it with a wire brush where you can get to it with one to loosen off the paint and get the surface rust off. Use a black hammerite on the affected areas with a few inches overlap over the good bits, don't get this stuff near any joints.

Did a Mk1 Fiesta a few years back in exactly the same area, rear axle and trailing arms. Lasted at least three years and the next owner picked up on it when they looked over the car. He was happier that it had been caught and treated than left for a number of years.

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