Category D Insurance Loss - Tony Campbell
I have been offered a vehicle that was subject to Category D Insurance Loss, it was stolen & recovered and reasonablr lightly damaged.

Can anyone advise what exactly Category D means and it what extent it should affect the current value.


Tony in Enfield Middx
Category D Insurance Loss - DavidHM
The extent to which it will affect the current value depends entirely on the age of the vehicle and what it is.

A Category D is a car that is repairable but it is not economic to do so because of the insurance company's policies or at the rates they would be expected to pay. These can then be bought at auction and repaired by people who will then sell them on at a profit. To a certain extent, you are taking a chance on the quality of the work that they do and the parts that they use - although that's not to say that the work done isn't very good.

As a rough guide, a 25-30% reduction is the minimum you should be looking at, plus the cost of getting it inspected. You'll also have difficulty selling it on or trading it in as it will always fail an HPI check. Certainly don't look at it as a way of making a quick buck or avoiding depreciation - if there was money to be made on it, the guy selling would be making it.

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