Radiator for 1.4 CVH Fiesta - dohc
My son has taken the kids' Fiesta (1991 1.4 CVH) to London (I live in the Midlands) and the radiator has perforated. He was towed to his flat by the AA and the guy kindly removed the rad telling him you can fit a new one yourself. What the lad didn't realise is that there appears to be more than one rad fitted to this car. Or is there?
Can anyone help with advice?
Also I need a supplier in the South London ( SE23 ) Honor Park area that he can pick up an exchange rad from by Thursday or a reliable garage or mobile mechanic he can use. Any offers?

Mick Trott
Radiator for 1.4 CVH Fiesta - Robin the Technician
Try looking in Yellow pages for Serck Radiators- They are nationwide and if they can't offer a replacement I'll be very surprised. Take the old one along as pattern.
Radiator for 1.4 CVH Fiesta - dohc
Done all that but confused as to whether there IS more than one type. Also, I'm 150 miles away and have to get one without having the old one to hand and take it down there to fit one evening.
Radiator for 1.4 CVH Fiesta - jc
Halfords are also agents for Serck radiators and should be able to get you one within hours.If you phone Serck they should be able to confirm whether there is more than one radiator.
Radiator for 1.4 CVH Fiesta - Claude
I got mine from Big M Motor supplies in Lordship Lane, not an exchange but just over the counter, I think it was about £47. (Thats about 5 minutes away from Honor Oak) It was very easy to replace as its only held on by two upper bolts which are easily accesible. The bottom of the rad has two lugs which drop into slots in the body work. Apart from the two radiator hoses and the three bolts holding the fan housing thats all there is to it. Took me about 40 minutes.

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