4x4=16? - Tynesider
What does 4x4 MEAN other than 16? I asked this question quite some time ago when the term "4x4" was quite new. I know what 4WD means but I am told by the dealers that I can only have 4x4 and that 4WD is obsolete.
4x4=16? - NorthernKev {P}
Best discribed as the first 4 refers to the number of wheels it has, the second 4 refers to numbers of powered wheels. So 4x4s have 4 wheels and power all 4. I believe that trucks follow this code where you can have 6x2, 6x4, and so on, which are 6 wheels with 2 powered.
4 wheels drive says that 4 wheels are driven... Lol
I think your dealer was either silly or picky, as quite a lot of cars have selectable and/or variable 4 wheel drive.

Can shed no light on why the x, I guess it meant 'by' at some point, saw the old LandRover advert 'the best 4x4xFar' or similar.

4x4=16? - THe Growler
Your dealer is talking pink fluffy dice. 4WD is exactly that: 4 wheel drive. I was in the Ford showroom just this morning looking at their lovely new Lariats, all smartly emblazoned \"4WD\" on their flanks.
4x4=16? - PhilW
And don't Subarus have AWD on the back which presumeably means A Wheel Drive - but which one ???!! Is it switchable??
4x4=16? - Maz
That A stands for All Wheel Drive.

As a rule of thumb 4x4 tends to mean tall offroader. 4WD/AWD signifies mainly 4 wheel drive cars. Confusingly, not always the case though!
4x4=16? - Rob C
Whereas the average family car is BSD.
Back Seat Drive.
4x4=16? - THe Growler
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At least it's an honest description and not a wiggle phrase like "pink fluffy dice".


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