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I have an 2008 kuga 2.0 tdci and I notice a small problem with acceleration. For example I am driving in 3rd gear with around 1600 rpm the engine seems to be fine and running smoothly but atfer 5 seconds of driving constant like this the engine start to shake giving the feeling like its loosing power or the fuel is intrerupted. Then I push the acceleration pedal to 2000 rpm and everything seems to be fine however this is not the only situation when the engine is doing like this but is the situation when i feel this issue the most.

Ford Kuga - Ford kuga acceleration problems - elekie&a/c doctor

I would always suggest that the fuel filter be replaced first ,before getting involved with any major repairs. It is amazing how many diesel engines can be affected by poor flow through the filter.

Ford Kuga - Ford kuga acceleration problems - S40 Man

I had similar thing recently on my mondeo 2.0 tdci (08) could be similar engine. I changed the maf and also inklet temp sensor. That sorted it right out. Is recommend FORSCAN obd software to check first. The parts were less then £50 for eurocaroarts so could be worth a gamble. It's an easy diy job.


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