VW Assist - pdc {P}
Anyone have any experience of Volkswagen Assist? My AA membership is up for renewal but as they have recently left me high and dry, and as I have VW Assist with my new car, I was thinking of dumping them.

The thing is, I know of the AA but have never used VW Assist in my 6 years as a new VW owner.
VW Assist - Godfrey H {P}
I can't help you with any detail, but almost certainly the actual roadside assistance will be contracted out and you could in reality be waiting for the AA to turn up - or not turn up in your case! Depends on whom they are using.
VW Assist - Marcos{P}
In January I called out Mercedes to my new E class as it was making a funny scraping noise. They came within 20 mins dropped off a replacement E-Class and took my car. They returned about an hour later with the scrapping noise bieng blamed on ice forming near the discs and the problem sorted.
I was well impressed.
VW Assist - Nortones2
I had to call on VW Assist once: quick response, from a "dedicated" VW badged vehicle. I'd have no qualms, as it doesn't cost anything extra.
VW Assist - oldtoffee
I've had to call them once to a fault with the c/locking on my Passat. They came out within an hour, in a VW Assist Sharan, plugged in the diagnostics, found the fault, effected a temporary repair and booked me in at the local agents, loan car etc. I'm impressed and at 75 quid a year they get my business.
VW Assist - shoei
I have been a member of Vw On Call since 1995 and of the few occasions I have used them they have been first class. Everytime I have used them they arrived in a dedicated VW On call vehicle within the hour, and got me mobile again within 30 minutes.

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