Tuning Box - Dude - {P}
I am considering fitting one of the above units to a BMW E46 320d SE (150 bhp), and was wondering if any B.R`s had any experience with these units and if their potential performance benefits are worth the expense of approx £400. ??
Tuning Box - Dude - {P}
P.S. I did`nt direct this query specifically to BMW owners, but any common rail diesel motor that would benefit from one of these units. !!
Tuning Box - glowplug

Checkout the MGRover forum. Loads of similar questions/answers about tuning boxes there. Even some rolling road figures last time I searched.

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I fitted a similar product to my 156 JTD (5 cyl common rail TD)and was most impressed. Try www.dieselchiptuning.com/catalog/default.php

They are around £325 and in my case added about 25bhp and better drivability and economy. Took a matter of minutes to fit as well.

Before you do anything, I strongly recommend that you check with your insurers what the impact will be on your premiums. Whatever you do, don't chip the car and "forget" to tell them.

In my instance, my insurers were happy to leave the premium where it was, so you may not get stung.



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