Gear oil for RS2000 - Plantman

My mk V Escort RS2000 is difficault to engage gears when cold.
I\'ve used WD40 to lube my gearbox linkage and it doesnt seem to have made much difference.
I\'m going to try greasing the linkage tomorrow.

What type of gear box oil does this car require guys?

Many thanks.

Gear oil for RS2000 - Peter D
If you can select gears when cold but the engine not running but as soon as you start up and are moving you can not engage when cold I suspect you have the wrong oil in th box. Has the oil been changed recently ?? You may wish to consider a Fully Synthetic Gear oil. Regards Peter
Gear oil for RS2000 - Plantman

Cheers for the reply.

Aparently my gearbox requires Castol FMT. What on earth is that?
It's not sold in Halfords where I live. Is that oil fully synthetic?

My local Ford garage did change my gearbox oil about a month ago and ensured me they have put the correct oil in.

Whats the best oil to use? I've heard about Redline oil? Any good?
Gear oil for RS2000 - ChrisV
Hi Plantman,
Obviously I would never suggest that a Ford garage didn't know what they were talking about (really?)..
You need to know exactly which gearbox you've got in your car, the 2litre in later models needs totally different oil from the 1.4-1.8 models so yours may (or may not) be the same. The level to fill it to is also different. If yours is the different type and they've put Hypoid 75w/90 (instead of ATF autotrans III)in it you may be having problems. I nicked the above out of the Haynes manual so don't blame me if I'm wrong!
Was it ok before they touched it?
The Haynes manual will give you all the info you need.
I've run out of ideas now, perhaps someone else can help you further.
Gear oil for RS2000 - Plantman
Hi, Cheers for the reply.

Well the situation is now this. I went back to the garage that did my clutch and it turns out that *they* have put the wrong oil in. This was not a Ford garage.

They put 80w oil in. They then start to get shifty so I've basically made my frustration known to them and turned back to my local Ford garage to get the right oil back in again.

Ford dealer suggest 75w/90 and Halfords suggest FMT. Are they the same?

I guess I'll see tomorrow!

Gear oil for RS2000 - Richard Turpin
I suppose the clutch is disengaging properly? Doubt that SAE 75/90 oil is any different to 80.

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