Renault gearboxes. - Pete
Can anyone out there who is clued-up on Renault vans, please give me some insight as to what is the problem with "Traffic" gearboxes ? Normally voluable local recon box man will not even talk about these.
Any input much appreciated.
Renault gearboxes. - stator
try if its auto if not try TES at westbury wilts they may know who recons manuals.
Renault gearboxes. - Pete
Thanks for the reply Stator, its appreciated. However, can anyone please tell me what is the problem with these boxes ?
Thank you,
Renault gearboxes. - J500ANT
Delving WAY back in my memory, i seem to recall that its the first motion shaft seizes. When the gearbox went on Dads Traffic 1.7 (1989!) after 8 months, the guy at the garage reckoned that Renault budgeted for at least one replacement on each vehicle under warranty! No newer info, sorry.

And as for automatic gearboxes, Scenic 1.6 (1998) new automatic gearbox at 2.5yrs/30k. Also told that this was VERY common for the autoboxes to fail. That car was on Motability, and they had to pay nigh on £5k to get it fixed!

HTH, Tony :)

Renault gearboxes. - Pete
Thank you very much Tony, this is the sort of input I am looking for. When you say "first motion shaft" is this the one otherwise known as the "lay shaft" please?
Thanks, Pete.
Renault gearboxes. - J500ANT
Pass, no idea! Sorry.

Found this though! Relates to Renault based campers.

"2. Problems with the 4 and 5 speed manual transaxle: The rear transmission bearings are insufficiently lubricated and prone very high wear as a result: we routinely replace them with higher grade bearings with steel races( factor original are plastic!) at about 40,000 miles or so: every Le Sharo that comes into our shop with these transmissions always has these bearings examined( and replaced ,if necessary) at this mileage.....we have seen so many catastrophic transaxle failures costing many hundreds of dollars because of this."

Renault gearboxes. - Marc
We had an 89F 21 diesel in the family from new. At 60k the manual gearbox was replaced by Renault.

The engine however was still going strong when I got rid at 150k (oil & filter change every 6k)

Renaults seem to have had a bad rep for gearboxes - especially autos
Renault gearboxes. - Pete
Thanks again Tony, this should be enough information to keep the owner busy.
Rgds, Pete.
Renault gearboxes. - secretsquirrel
just saw your msg, used to have a Trafic motorcaravan, the problem with the gearbox (circa 1990) on my van was the first motion shaft was made in too parts connected by a spline joint, which was prone to failure. Don`t know if this is what your meaning but hope it`s of some help
Renault gearboxes. - Pete
Thank you Stewart, now were cooking !
Rgds, Pete,


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