Tyre Wear Rant - volvod5_dude
I have just visited my local tyre retailer and they have informed me that my front Pirelli P6000's are worn out at 14k miles!!! I will be asking Volvo why they fit such crap tyres on a £26k car (V70 D5 SE). I know, Pirelli sell them cheap to car manufactures because no one else will buy them. I don't do racing starts, I stick to speed limits (except on motorways) basically drive the car sensibly. I'm really annoyed I haven't had the car 12 months. I managed to get 22k on the front Michellins with my previous V70 2.4T (no traction control)which was ok. The tyre guy said he has had dozens of complaints regarding Pirelli 6000 tyres and recommends customers just don't buy them anymore. I think I shall be buying Michellins from now on.


Tyre Wear Rant - 3500S
It's such a soft compound, my mind boggles as to why people buy these tyres.

If you are looking at Michelins, look at the Pilot Premacy's. I had these on my last car and I really rate them for grip and low noise. Not too pricey either if I remember.
Tyre Wear Rant - volvod5_dude
Thanks 3500s I'll give them a go. The guy at the tyre place has recommended Michelin Pilot Sport, if I buy one I get one half price. Are they any good or because they are a sports tyre will the compound again be soft?

I have just sent a copy of my rant to Volvo customer services. I'll post their reply when i get one.


Tyre Wear Rant - Marcos{P}
I have at present Michelin Pilot Premacy's and they are awfull in the wet, almost dangerous. On my old car I had Dunlop Sport SP9000 and they were brilliant in the wet and dry and lasted for nearly 20,000 miles.
The michelin's are useless in the wet and appear to be wearing very quickly. People told me that they are brilliant tyres but I am very dissapointed in them so far.
Tyre Wear Rant - 3500S
I can only relate to my experience but I had them on all four corners and the fronts always wore quicker due to front wheel drive. I always got over 25,000 out of them. I did rotate though after each annual service, worth the extra 30 quid.

No tyre will hold as well in the wet as the dry, the water has to go somewhere and this will reduce surface area to road somewhat.
Tyre Wear Rant - Dude - {P}
I can confirm that Pirelli 6000`s are rubbish, - I had a blow out in the centre of the tread (hole was approx 1/2" diameter) at just over 2k miles from new in my Beemer 320dSE. When I took this up with Pirelli, they were not in the slightest interested. Long term, they will be the losers, as I will ensure in future, that DECENT tyres are fitted from new. !!!
Tyre Wear Rant - Marcos{P}
No one is saying that a tyre will grip as well in the wet as in the dry but I am saying that the Dunlop's were great in the wet and the Michelin's are hopeless, almost to the point of bieng dangerous.
Tyre Wear Rant - Steve S
I've got Michelin Pilot sports on a T5 and they are excellent, plenty of grip in the wet and good for 18-20k on the fronts, 60k rear.

Tried Bridgestones once on a similar FWD and although wet grip was superb I was scrubbing them off in 9k on the fronts. The Pilot Sports seem a much better compromise.

Pirelli's on previous car (GTI) were not grippy enough in the wet.
Tyre Wear Rant - Shortwing Rob
Sympathise with anybody wanting to rant, here is as good a place as any.

But isn't it a tad pointless writing a tyre off as cr*p just because it doesn't meet your criteria?

Tyre qualities consist of


and probably some others as well.

Inevitably there are trade-offs involved. You can't seriously expect a tyre that gives ultimate cornering ability to rate very high on the 'life' criteria.

I think the main problem here is that Volvo, desperate to dump their 'great barge in which you can collide with anything and live' image are trying to give their cars some sporting pretentions, so are fitting grippy tyres to a car that really isn't designed or set-up for cornering performance.

Far better to switch to Michelin, a tyre much better suited to cars like the Volvo?

Rob P
Tyre Wear Rant - Alfafan {P}
I have to agree with Rob. It would help if people specified what car they use as some are known to be "tyre-eaters". When I replaced the old tyres on my Alfasud Sprint 2 years ago, I asked for recommendations on this site. I specified that my criteria were:

Handling and grip

On this basis, the two main recommendations (including one from Honest John) were Pirelli P6000 and Continental Eco-Contact. I went for the Pirellis. There was an noticeable increase in grip wet and dry, comfort, and reduced noise. I fitted the tyres at 100,000 miles and when I sold the car in December, they'd done 20,000 miles and looked good for at least another 5,000. I've also got them on the front of my Alfa 75, 12,000 miles so far and still looking and feeling good.

Tyre Wear Rant - chris2
don't forget that the same tyre will be different on different cars due to the cars suspension.

MKIV Golf - P6000's excellent wet/dry, sport conti's ok,dunlop sp200e's useless.

Passat estate - sport conti's excellent wet/dry, P6000's iffy in wet take offs
Tyre Wear Rant - TrevP
don't forget that the same tyre will be different on different cars due to the cars suspension.

Exactly. What are particularly good on Peugeots? Michelins?
There's a surprise.
Tyre Wear Rant - volvod5_dude
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I have spoken with my local Volvo dealer and he reckons 14k out of P6000's on the front of my V70 D5 is good, he's had customers complaining of P6000's worn out at 9k miles! He also reckons that Volvo fit P6000's because they are quieter than Michelin's I must admitt the handling has been good but disappointed in the wear.

I had some very quick email feed back from the Michelin technical department and they wrote;

" All tyre design involves a compromise of performance qualities such as comfort, adherence, handling etc.. Tread patterns classed as 'sports' will have a higher grip traded against overall tyre mileage & comfort/noise.

The P6000 looks to be a regular 'touring tread pattern - Pilot Primacy would possibly be the better choice for extended distance/mileage".

Hmm, might go with the Michelin Pilot Sport as Steve (T5) is impressed and as the V70 is such a barge!! On the other hand I'll probably go with Michelins recommendation. Decisions, decisions!



Tyre Wear Rant - Steve S
Mine's a coupe, dude. But suspension aside I shouldn't think there would be that much difference. As for people talking about noise. Compared to the different types of carp road sufaces around, I should have thought it made little diffence.

Some parts of the M25 I can hear my watch ticking! Other parts I can't hear the radio.
Tyre Wear Rant - Daedalus

Sorry but when I put in the last post I hadnt read your last post.
If you have a Costco warehouse near you join it. They do Michelin tyres so cheap you wont belive it. It costs about £20.00 to join but you will save that on the first pair to tyres. Mind you you will probably spend 200 quid wandering around the store while you are waiting for them to be fitted.

Tyre Wear Rant - deere3350
don't forget that the same tyre will be different on different
cars due to the cars suspension.
Exactly. What are particularly good on Peugeots? Michelins?
There's a surprise.

I use P6000 tyres on my 306 Dt and get 30,000 miles out of the fronts.

The cars not driven with a light foot either.

Any other tyres I've tried get nowhere near that mileage.
Tyre Wear Rant - Daedalus
14000 miles out of a set of fronts! Stop complaining I'm lucky to get just over 4000 out of the rear on my Blackbird and then its £120+ for a new one and I have to take in the loose wheel because they wont take it off the bike.

Tyre Wear Rant - Marc
I only got 12k out of the Continental Premium Contacts on the front of my new shape Mondeo. The rears were replaced at 25k. I thought this was apalling at £70 apiece. I replaced them with Contisports which appear to be wearing a little better.

Previously I've gotten 40k on Pirelli P2000s on a Merc 190E (irrespective of front or back) and 60k on some "Strada" tyres fitted to the rear of a Renault 21 diesel
Tyre Wear Rant - Cardew
I got well over 20K for the front Pirelli P6000s on a VW GTI 1.8t - driven in a spirited fashion - and the same out of a second set. I found them excellent.

Tyre Wear Rant - M.M

Just about to replace the front Michelins (185/65X14 H rated) on my TD Xantia after only 11.5K, worn to 3mm (even across tread) which is about as low as I want to go.

Not a very long life but it is a very quick car


Tyre Wear Rant - mj
Even worse than that, managed to scrub out the front nearside michelin classic 185/65/h14 on my td in 10k saying that the offside wich was replaced at the same time has loads of life left in it yet.geometry is within limits never again for a £55 tyre.
Tyre Wear Rant - Rob C
Its quite interesting actually, peoples differing expectations of tyre wear.
I'm happy to get 10K out of the Bridgestone SO3s on my rear, yet a friend of mine complained bitterly that the front tyres on his Focus only got 24K.
Then a guy at work claimed 40K on one set.

Far too many variables to consider really.
Tyre Wear Rant - Blue {P}
I'm told by the dealers that my tyres are OK (Firestones I think, or maybe Bridgestones) They've done just under 10K and I think they look wrecked, the tread is almost worn off on the very outside edge, well below legal. But apparently 'cos the inside edges and middles are OK that makes them legal.

Tyre Wear Rant - Dynamic Dave
the tread is almost worn off on the very outside edge, well
below legal.

As long as the whole tyre has more than 75% tread all round, then its legal.
Tyre Wear Rant - madf
A lot depends upo usage.
My wife drives a Peufoet 106 : local miles only. Tyre life on fronts is less than 15k. Why? Becuase EVERY day she uses it she does a sharp 180 degree 3 point reverse into our garage and a 180 degree turn out of it: both on full lock. Tyre scrub must be horrendous.

I use the same garage but the entranceI use is further from our gate than my wife's entrance , so turns are not as sharp, I drive longer average distances: estimated tyre life (on Audi A4 with Michelins) was 40k plus. My BMW 318 did over 35k on its original tyres.

Many of those complaining of tyre wear MAY have a habitual manouevre or driving style (harsh acceleration from rest) which exacerbate wear.

Big heavy fwd cars driven hard on bends are likely to wear tyres at an alarming rate: even rwd ones will. A BMW 535 driven hard will be lucky to see 15k from rear tyres.

Tyre Wear Rant - volvod5_dude
Thanks guy's.

In retrospect I suppose the V70 is a big heavy car with a relatively heavy diesel lump in the front which develops high torque which I suppose does not help tyre wear. I'll give the Michelin Pilot Sports a try. I don't think we have a local Costco, however I can get a pair from my local ATS all-in for £241 (buy one get one half price) which is the best deal locally at the moment. My local Volvo dealer wanted £320 for a pair of Michelins. Kwik-Fit Worcester wanted £300 just for a pair of P6000's!! Crazy!


Tyre Wear Rant - Andy P
The Bridgestone RE88s fitted to my Accord managed 34,000 miles (front) and 35,500 (rear, still going) before replacement. Based on reviews from various magazines and websites, I went with the Bridgestone RE720. These scored as highly as the Goodyear Eagle F1, but with better wear (significatlt better than the P6000). So far, they seem to be very good, particularly in the wet.

Tyre Wear Rant - chris2
300 for two P6000\'s at KF -yeap that\'s about what they quote two years back. In the end went to place in Tipton (dudley way) and had all 4 done for £240.

give them a call and see what they can do, might be worth a drive out


link shortened using tinyurl.com . M
Tyre Wear Rant - drbe
Re Costco:
Costco has been recommended to me before, both on this site and elsewhere.

However, they do have some strange (to me) criteria for membership. As an individual, you must be/have been a professional (doctor, dentist, lawyer etc) or have been a civil servant!, or worked for the fire service! - why?

If you have been a plumber in Barking or a roadsweeper in Middle Wallop, then don't bother applying. Does anyone have a logical explanation for this? Plus there is an annual joining fee of £25.

Answers, please, on one side of a sheet of A4 (joke)

Regards Don drbe

Tyre Wear Rant - volvod5_dude
Just had a reply from Volvo customer relations re P6000's see below; I have had Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's fitted now as Premacy's are out of stock in 225x45x17's at the moment. They seem fine. One good thing I have noticed the tramlining effect which I have always had with the P6000's has now stopped completely.


our ref 274000 Please Quote on all correspondence

Thank you for your e-mail below.

The Pirelli P6000 are a soft compound tyre. In designing tyres, manufacturers try to balance grip levels, noise levels and a low rolling resistance with
longevity. In order to maximise the grip and therefore safety of a tyre, it needs to be of a soft compound. The harder the compound, the longer the life of
the tyre, but this will compromise roadholding and handling. It is difficult to estimate the average lifespan of a tyre, since wear relates to the particular driving conditions encountered. It should also be noted that the driven wheels
will wear quicker than those which are not powered.

Whilst I appreciate your feelings on the matter, I have to say however, that on a vehicle the size of the Volvo V70 it is not uncommon for tyres to require replacement at mileage intervals from as little as 10,000 miles. Naturally the
rubber compounds used in the manufacture of tyres will offer different levels of longevity, safety and road holding. As tyre wear is extremely subjective to
the driving conditions, eg road surfaces, road types including large and small roundabouts, vehicle loading and driving style, it is impossible for us to offer a guideline for life expectancy of tyres.
If your supplier has a concern with the tread wear pattern or that there may have been a manufacturing defect with your car's tyres and as long as the car has not exhibited any mechanical defect and that the vehicles tracking is within
manufacturer's specifications, then they will have the opportunity to send your tyres back to the manufacturer. Should they determine that there was a fault with the tyres during the manufacturing process, the tyre manufacturer will
address this issue with you.

I am sorry that you are disappointed with the Pirelli P6000, I trust that your chosen tyre better meets your requirements.

Veronica Knight
Customer Relations Consultant

Tyre Wear Rant - sean
You think that's bad, then?
Try a motorcycle with a front tyre costing £90 and lasting 6000 miles and a rear at £140 lasting 3000 miles.
That's for an average 600cc bike.
The alternative would be a Cheng Shin tyre which might last twice as long but skid on the first greasy roundabout. An expensive saving then.
Tyre Wear Rant - PhilW
Blimey, there's some frightening figures there chaps! On my last car I replaced the rears because the sidewalls were cracked at about 100,000 miles - same on my present car. Fronts usually last about 30-40k. But then my last cars have been old BX diesels and not the sort of machinery you are talking about!! Still, they get me the few miles to work on 50 limit roads. Don't think I'll offer to take the wife's Xantia HDi (205x60x15 ) to the tyre shop though!! - I'm at heart attack age!!
Tyre Wear Rant - J500ANT
How about new Fiat Punto 1.2 16v (but bog std), on 165/70x14s. Kwikfit reckoned that 13000miles then 8000miles was good going for one of these. They rip the inner and outer edges to shreds with their girlie buttons. The Fiat dealer told me of a guy with a Punto HGT who had only managed 7000miles on a pair of front tyres, and they cost him £200 for a pair of Michelins. Ouch. Apparently the Stilos are just as bad, except that some of them have something like 225/45ZR18s on, £220 a corner. Double Ouch!

Tyre Wear Rant - Dan J
I only use a local backstreet tyre outfit now after an excellent recommendation. Very knowledgable chap.

I actually asked for P6000's but he said whilst he was happy to sell me them he always recommended people don't touch them with a barge pole. There is no grip or safety issue, people just get quite irate at forking out top money for a tyre to watch the thing disappear like a pencil rubber.

It's hard to say where this ideology has come from. I'm guessing it's two things. One we drive ever fast and more powerful cars and expect them to handle better. It's much easier to make softer tyre compounds handle extremely well than harder, long life ones. Also, it's no secret we have more disposable income these days and the tyre manufacturers would be very daft if they weren't trying to exploit it!

There's a fine line though. Anyone I know who has had P6000s won't buy them again for the ridiculous time they wear away in so maybe Pirelli will think more carefully next time.

Still, another load of us born every minute isn't there?
Tyre Wear Rant - jake
Just purchased 2 P6000 205/50 16z for volvo 850 today.
£176 for the pair fitted & balanced inc vat. Hope I get more than 14k.

Previous Avons had done +30k and avons on rear have done +30k and are hardly worn. But not stocked at my supplier any more.

Value my car