Strange Gearshift porblem - Amin_{p}
guys and girls, one of my cars has developed a strange problem with the gearbox. Basically the longer I use the car , the harder it is to change gears. When i start up the car first thing in the morning, the gears change like a treat, but as I continue driving, after about 1 hour, it becomes so hard that it is almost impossible to change gear. Usually gear box porblems are for cold engines, but this one is very strange?!?! any ideas welcome. thanks
Strange Gearshift porblem - Dynamic Dave
Care to mention what the car is? In case "they all do that sir"
Strange Gearshift porblem - Amin_{p}
yes, sorry, my mistake. The car is a Citroen AX 1.4 Petrol TZX (1991) with a 5 speed gearbox. I also have another AX Diesel 1.4 TGD (1991) with a five speed gear box and it runs fine with no problems. thank
Strange Gearshift porblem - glowplug
Could it be a heat related issue? I'm thinking along the lines of not enough lubricant or the wrong type causing the gearbox to get hot, parts expand, etc.

Strange Gearshift porblem - Clanger
Try draining the gearbox oil (when hot) and refilling with fresh. I don\'t think the 1.4 petrol has a level plug, you just fill with the correct measured amount.

If that doesn\'t work, it may be a dragging clutch.

H (Darcy rebranded).


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