Avoiding parking tickets - KB.
I've often seen a big (Harley type) bike parked in our High Road in the shopping area, where the pavement is very wide. It's always fully on the the pavement and in all honesty doesn't get in anybodys way (unless you were blind in which case it would get in your way, in quite a painful manner). Today I noticed it had the rear number plate (and, of course, there isn't a front one) completely covered up with a piece of cloth. Presumably the new system of parking wardens are being more efficient than the previous and have given it a ticket or two.

I'd often wondered whether it would get a ticket in the past and considered the owner lucky to have the apparent ability to park outside his shop without getting nabbed.

Question is how does he stand re. covering up his plate whilst parked on the pavement? It's still part of the highway and if a car driver covered up his plates with sticky tape I suspect it would raise eyebrows and warrant investigation. I bet if a warden did attempt to uncover the plate, the owner would be out like a shot telling him/her to get their sticky hands off his bike. And presumably the warden has no right to touch a vehicle in order to ascertain it's number although I suppose they could get it from the tax disc - I didn't study it enough to see if it had one.

Only seen it with them covered this once myself so don't know whether it'll become a regular thing but for sure I've never seen it done before.
Avoiding parking tickets - volvoman
I might not win many friends by saying this but I can't stand the selfish, lazy morons who park on the pavement.
Pavements are for pedestrians and both drivers and bikers should find somewhere legitimate to park. If you allow people to park anywhere they wish, how long will it be before all the pavements are blocked and people have to walk in the road ? Near where I live there are a number of streets where selfish, inconsiderate idiots totally block the pavements in places because they're just too damn lazy to park 50 yards away and walk to their homes. If they can't get their cars on their drives they just let half the vehicle block the pavement forcing people to walk in the road. One guy, just a block away, periodically parks over the whole pavement simply because he can't be bothered to use the free space on the other side of the road opposite his house ! The road in question is a fairly busy 'A' class road yet this moron obviously doesn't consider what he's doing to be in any way wrong, let alone potentially dangerous. If I had my way I'd tow their cars/ bikes and crush 'em !

Rant over [for now anyway :-)]
Avoiding parking tickets - Dynamic Dave
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Avoiding parking tickets - KB.
I thank you, DD.

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