Whats in your Car - Altea Ego
How much carp do we gather in our cars and how much do we actually need? Cleaned mine out properly for the first time last w/e and I had:

Childs fishing rod
Childs seaside spade
3 golf umbrellas
4 golf balls
petrol receipts
fag packets
3 pairs of sunglasses
childs rubber ring (deflated)
crushed coke can
14 pens
warning triangle (broken)
first aid kit (out of date)
two UK road atlas's
Belgium road map
Holland road map
French Atlas
Little chef vouchers (out of date)
4 cassettes (unplayable)
Spare bulb kit (three bulbs missing)
6 balls chewed by dog
Mobile phone charger (broken)
Frisbee (chewed - child or dog not sure)
10 franc piece (for the supermarket trollies - now redundant)
£2.50 in loose change
3 CD's
Game Boy Advance game (mario super Karts)
4 opened packets chewing gum
Mickey Mouse sun shade
35 pay and display tickets
Warwick Castle guide book
1 x Evening Standard 2002 (complete but yellow)
Leather mobile phone case (chewed)
1 Sock
1 baseball cap (peak on the back)

The Scenic is a great car, but it swallows more junk than the dustcart.... Its really quiet now as well - No rattles.

Whats in your Car - Primera_p

Is that the Tardis special edition model then?
Whats in your Car - 3500S

In the TC

Five bulbs of assorted sizes (unsure which bulb goes where)
Leaflet advertising a B&B in Sussex
2 litres of 20W/50 (should be enough for the next 100 miles)
One empty can of 20W/50 circa 1993.
Turtle Wax
Assorted Auto-glym products (all unused)
A bucket containing said Auto-glym Products
A can of paint veneer (unopened)
A 1973 Rover P6 toolkit (probably worth more than the car)

In the other car, the S

5 Litres of ready mixed coolant and water
3 Litres of 20W/50 (should be enough for the next 2000 miles)
One bulb kit, complete
Assorted fuses
Both glove boxes, centre console shelf, map holders all empty.
Whats in your Car - glowplug
Well in the 405 (this is from memory) -

Subwoofer and amp.
2x Blankets.
Ice scraper.
Extending wheel brace.
Mini compressor.
Wheel locknut adapter.
Mini toolkit.
Latex gloves.
Paper napkins.
Somethings for the weekends.
Microfibre cloth.
Map book.
Assorted plastic parts (don't know where they belong!)
Whats in your Car - Morris Ox
Cripes! I've just remembered I left my mother-in-law in the boot
Whats in your Car - Altea Ego
And you thoought the knocking was from the suspension?
Whats in your Car - clariman
How much carp do we gather in our cars and how
much do we actually need? Cleaned mine out properly for the
first time last w/e and I had:
Childs fishing rod

... well it's handy for the carp.
Whats in your Car - exmondeoman
In fact I've got the opposite problem - I'm still not at home in the new C5, and I'm sure it's because of the acres of empty boot, cubby holes etc. Actually, I was thinking of dividing the boot into lots, and then renting them out for storage - it might help to defray some of the costs of my disappointingly frequent visits to the pump.....
Whats in your Car - Ben79
Apart from filling up, do you like your new car? I'm growing to like mine even more every day, like the way the car wakes up when you unlock it; the suspension pump starts and the height adjusts a small amount.


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