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Vauxhall Vectra - 2 engines failing - again - A Knapp

Failing seems to be in my blood. I was composing an anwer to Bathtub Tom when the cursor vanished. It worked on other threads but stayed disappeared on mine.

Anyway, the mot record is as follows:

27-2-18 Pass

25-2-17 Fail (repairs affected to repass mot)

23-2-16 Pass

22-2-15 Pass

I can't find the MOs previous, but they were made. A full service was given at the time of all MOTs

Major repair works as follows:

24-7-15 timing belt and water pump etc.

12-1-16 new second hand engine, full new clutch, camshaft belt, waterpump, oil & filter,

1-3-16 steerig rack, tie rods.

We also had things like a new battery, new tyres and minor repairs.

Hope this helps

Vauxhall Vectra - 2 engines failing - again - skidpan

MOT history is no garantee of reliability, its a safety inspection only.

The car was 9 years old approx when the original engine failed. Did you buy the car new? If not you have no idea how it was treated before you bought it.

The used engine you had fitted could have been at the end of its life, like the above you had no idea how it was treated before you bought it.

You have been unlucky, nothing else. Unless of course the garage that fitted the used engine fitted a duff one. But now its wrecked how y=would you prove that.

No point dwelling on it, scrap it or sort it.

Vauxhall Vectra - 2 engines failing - again - A Knapp

The car was seconhand when I bought it and so, of course, was the second engine I had fitted.

So I reluctantly agree that I have to scrap it. If all those who read this tthread could offer up a motorists prayer on my behalf, I'd be very grateful.

Cheers, oakashelm

Vauxhall Vectra - 2 engines failing - again - Cyd

this second engine ... had done about 40,00 thousand mile with us. (from the first, aborted thread)

I'll read that as 40,000 miles rather than 4 million

12-1-16 new second hand engine

service ..... at the time of all MOTs

MoTs, of course being 1 year apart

So, reading between the lines, 2 oil changes (assuming 'service' includes this) in 2 years and 40,000 miles, ie 20,000 (roughly) apart.

No mention of additional checks, changes etc etc

And you're wondering why these engines went 'bang' ????

Doesn't fall under my definition of "unlucky". First engine siezed oil pump, second sounds like it threw a rod.

'nuff said?

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Vauxhall Vectra - 2 engines failing - again - A Knapp


Well, you have taught me a lesson. I will have to change my ways, I can see that. This leads me on to another topic slightly related to maintenance.

I'm getting interested in a Merceded B Class, one of the few cars I can sit comfortably in. Most of the cars on sale are diesels which, from reading this forum, are very likely to give unavoidable problems in the future. Does this apply even to upmarket makes like MB?

Now, when I ask to see the service history of a used car, what are the important things to look for?

Thank you Cyd for pulling no punches


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