VW Golf High Pitch Noise - andrew4
I have a Mk 2 VW Golf 1300 81,000 miles.

After 5 mins into a car journey (i.e. when engine has warmed up)there is a high pitch noise that sounds like a cricket.

The noise is intermitent and comes from the front of the car. The noise is far louder if I wind down the window.

I believe it is not wheel bearings as going around corners has no effect.

Is this due to a bearing in the engine? Any suggestions please?


VW Golf High Pitch Noise - Richard Hall
Could be the cambelt is incorrectly tensioned - has it been replaced recently? I have found with these engines that the cambelt can make a high pitched 'rubbing' sound if it is tensioned too tight. Is the noise related to engine speed? the ones I have come across have been noisiest at around 1800 rpm (i.e. just above a fast idle).

Richard Hall
VW Golf High Pitch Noise - andrew4
A new cambelt was fitted at 32,000 miles when I bought the car, the car has now done 81,000 miles. How long do they last?

I will see if the noise is related to engine speed.

I have even heard it whilst reversing although it was not as loud here so this could suggest a relation to engine speed.

VW Golf High Pitch Noise - Dynamic Dave
Although this thread does have it's funny moments, read right through as it might relate to the problem you've got.


But then again....
VW Golf High Pitch Noise - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Does sound like an over tight cambelt or a failing tensioner bearing. May simply be a worn alternator/pas belt.

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VW Golf High Pitch Noise - orack
Sounds like the oil presure worning buzzer!!!!!
Usually just a switch !!!!!!!!!!!!
VW Golf High Pitch Noise - Richard Turpin
alternator bearing for my money.
VW Golf High Pitch Noise - ShereKhan
I had a similar problem on my 95(N)Rover 214. I drove the car for three years with a similar noise. It died out after 5-10 mins, so I never thought anything of it.

When the alternator died. The noise dissapeared!

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