Celica dying - Alfafan {P}
I have a 1992 Toyota Celica 2.0GT. It?s done 108,000 miles and has a good service history. I bought it in November with 104,000 miles.

In the last month or so it occasionally dies on me. This can be dangerous, especially if it happens when I?m pulling out into a stream of traffic. The car will start to accelerate forward, the revs then die away. It then generally starts with a bit of cranking. It mostly seems to happen when I?ve been sitting in traffic for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it dies while I?m sitting there.

I haven?t checked anything, the plugs are pretty inaccessible. It?s one of those intermittent faults that?s hard to reproduce. Generally happens when the car is warm, not when cold.

I?d be interested in any opinions as to the problem.
Celica dying - Nick C
Fuel starvation?????? Possibly a fuel filter or injectors. Is it parked on an angle overnight?

Celica dying - Alfafan {P}
Not at an angle, but not always used every day. But as I said, problem only occurs when car warmed up, generally after 10-15 miles driving and generally in traffic.
Celica dying - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Suspect ignition. Possibly pulse generator inside distributor or amplifier (ignitor) Ignitor=expensive, Distributor=V expensive. You will need to get some expert diagnostics once the problem becomes either permanent or you can get it to do it every time you run it. Intermittent problems are nasty to find and you don't want to waste his time and your money if it aint going to do it when he arrives!

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Celica dying - james_60

when you got it did you do the following

1. change ht leads (due to age)
2. change plugs (unknown change point)
3. change airfilter (some people forget)

if you do those it may and iam not certain cure the problem as one or more ht leads could be arcing or a plug may have failed

Thats my oppinion

J Stephenson
Celica dying - Alfafan {P}
No, didn't do any of those, but I'll check the service history when I home. Thanks

I've spoken to Andrew (above). I'll try giving the car a bit more use for the next couple of weeks to see if I can pinpoint exact conditions.
Celica dying - Mutterer
Many moons ago I had an 89 Camry, which I believe, has the same engine.

This had a similar fault in that when moving off from rest the revs would fall to about 400 (it was an auto) and refuse to rise.

A switch off, wait 5 minutes and restart would usually cure it.

This drove our Local Toyota dealer insane, they had the car for several weeks, replaced lots of bits including a very expensice MAP sensor, at no charge, but could not find a cure.

After I sold the car I saw the Toyota man and was told that they had found, and cured, the fault on a similar aged car.

What was happening was that the ignition coil was breaking down when it reached a certain temperature, but only if you happened to accelerate at the critical point.

The coil is inside the distributer, but I think it can be replaced seperately (I wish I had a spell checker).

Hope this helps.
Celica dying - Alfafan {P}
Thanks for all the advice people. Following a letter in Saturday?s DT HJ column and a check in the BR archives, I thought I?d give some Wynn?s Xtreme engine cleaner a try. At £12.99 a pop it didn?t seem too expensive a possible option. I put it in the tank yesterday, topped up with Optimax (my usual) and took it on a 70 mile drive, keeping the revs above 4,000 as much as possible.

All was fine, no problems except at about the 60 mile mark, just after taking a very slow steep uphill corner, the engine hesitated for a few seconds (felt a bit like a misfire). I kept my foot down, the car recovered. I did notice however that one of the instrument panel lights came on for one or two seconds. I?d noticed this on a couple of previous occasions, but after posting my original question. According to the manual, this means an electrical fault somewhere in the system.

Got home with no problems, drove it to work this morning with no recurrence of any of the previous problem. Fingers crossed!! Any further comments welcomed.
Celica dying - Alfafan {P}
Just an update folks. Drove the Celica all week. No recurrence of the problem, so looks as though the engine cleaner did the trick.

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