Air-Con on Beetle 1.6... - arnold2
I bought a New Beetle 1.6 two years ago; since I had already bumped its' price up somewhat with Alloys and Metallic Paint, I decided not to add Air-Con (although, to be fair, with that lot on, the price went up to the same as the 2.0 Beetle!). But I now want to fit air-con onto it.

Some advice - I reckon that, although I'm sure I won't get my money back on the install come sale time, would I be right in thinking that, in 3 years time, selling a non-aircon car for premium money is going to be hard ? And secondly, I got a quote from Reader Air Conditioning for about £1300 + VAT - does anyone know any other good aircon after-market fitters?
Air-Con on Beetle 1.6... - DavidHM
In three years' time, you'll have a five year old Beetle and zero chance of selling it for premium money, even with aircon and diamond encrusted door cards.

If the install is in any way distinguishable from a factory one, don't do it, because it will add absolutely zero to both the desirability and value of your car.

£1300+VAT is £1527.50 - with that in mind as a cost to change, see what you can get hold of. Especially if you sell your car privately (which, given that it has no a/c, may be difficult) you may find it works out much, much cheaper to swap it for one with factory a/c. Metallic and alloys are fairly standard on Beetles anyway, so unless it has something really unusual like sat nav that you absolutely don't want to lose, that is probably a much better option for you.
Air-Con on Beetle 1.6... - Dave N
Price looks about right, but make sure it's a Diavia kit. Reader Air used to fit Diavia kits, but make sure. You can also try as they are the Diavia importer, so definately fit their kits. They should fit a factory switch, so only someone who knows what they're looking for under the bonnet will tell the difference.

You are probably be right about selling it without a/c though, as it is fairly basic stuff these days.

Much as DavidHM said, might be a good time to consider a swop to one with a/c now.

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