Performance Enhancers, worth it? - martin
Was thinking about getting some kind of flush or cleaner for the injectors and fuel filter on my passat. Are they worth the £5 they cost, has anybody noted any markable performance improvement?

Many thanks
Performance Enhancers, worth it? - Dynamic Dave
Mate of mine who used to work for Saab always recommended "Wynns Injection cleaner" to customers who had partial injector blockages. Most of the customers were more than happy to spend a fiver rather than over £100 to have the injectors replaced.
As for cleaning your fuel filter, replace it instead at the proper service interval time if I were you.
Performance Enhancers, worth it? - Armitage Shanks{P}
If you are talking diesel HJ recommends Miller\'s Diesel Plus which cleans injectors and improves the lubricity of the fuel, which is apparently reduced if it is low sulphur type. I mentioned this a colleague who runs a diesel and he said that the good branded name fuels now have additives in to aid lubrication but the injector cleaning function could still be useful. My last lot of Millers cost me £7 to treat 500 litres and I don\'t actually use it for every fill up.
Performance Enhancers, worth it? - Roger Jones
The VW fuel additive (part number G 001 700 03) costs less than £5 (I ask for, and get, a discount as I buy 12 at a time), and gives you enough per tube to add to 150 litres of fuel. I've used it ever since HJ put me on to it and it cured my Audi 100's cool-running problems overnight; it also improved starting significantly, such that one feather-touch of the key was all that was needed. I've also heard the VW dealers attribute to it the very clean emissions readings of my Golf VR6 after its MOT test.

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