306 Meridian Spec - Shahrie
Just a quick question. Have recently bought a 1998 Peugeot 306 1.6 Meridian and was wondering if anyone knew if it had ABS fitted as standard.
Have tried looking for a site with a full spec but can't find one...can anyone help?


P.S. I did try an emergency brake and the car did brake without any squeal so thought it did have ABS...but the discs/pads were changed recently so not necessarily true.
306 Meridian Spec - DieselBoy
I don't know, but if you brake hard and it feels like you are cadence braking without pumping the pedal, you most likely have ABS.
306 Meridian Spec - Andy22
best to do it in the wet
306 Meridian Spec - Dynamic Dave
If it has ABS, then there will be a check light on the instrument binacle. Should illuminate for a few seconds when you turn the key and then extinguish if there are no probs with the ABS.

If you've only recently had the pads/discs changed, it's not advisable to practice emergency stops until they've had time to bed in a bit.
306 Meridian Spec - Andrew-T
And the ABS 'mechanism' is fitted behind the nearside headlamp - a metal block with 4 pipes out of the top.
306 Meridian Spec - Chas{P}

According to the Glass's Guide Car Checkbook 2003 your car should have ABS as standard fitment along with all 306 Meridian variants.


306 Meridian Spec - DavidHM
Charles - I may be wrong, but I'd be surprised to find ABS as standard on a 98 Meridian. Looking at Parkers ABS was standard on the range from mid 99, just before the later spec run out Meridian range was introduced. (Virtually all 306s from then on were Meridians).

The Meridian in 96-98 was a special edition equivalent to an LX which didn't have ABS and, as it has never been a big selling point over here (still not standard on Astras, for instance) I'd want to check the car or know which Meridian you're talking about.
306 Meridian Spec - mozzer
DHM is most likely correct (sorry Charles!) Also, Glass's Checkbook does in fact confirm this... (and so it should for what it costs cf. Parkers Guide!) For the '98 model year, the Meridian spec. was based on the 1.6LX facelift model - introduced in April '97. The actual Meridian model in question was, apparently, a limited editon introduced in May '98 with the only extra above the LX spec. being the addition of Air Conditioning as standard. However, as is often the case, ABS WAS a customer specifiable option on the Meridian (and on the '96 LX for that matter...) so it IS possible that yours could have it, albeit somewhat unlikely I'd agree.

HTH :-)
306 Meridian Spec - Andrew-T
Mozzer & DavidHM - I can cap both of you. I have consulted the 306 sales brochure published in Oct.1998, which announces ABS as standard on the base (L) model, and it is also on all Meridian models in the Dec.1998 brochure. Of course Shahrie's car will be earlier than that, but not much. I think ABS is likely - but all he need do is open the bonnet!
306 Meridian Spec - king arthur
...or, as already mentioned, look for the light on the dashboard when first turning the key - unless some muppet's taken the bulb out.
306 Meridian Spec - Shahrie
Guys - thanks for the messages. I didn't see an ABS light come on (like that of the airbag when switching on) so thought it not to have it but wouldn't be surprised if Peugeot hadn't put the light in.
I think the new discs/pads have been fitted for a while and have bedded in OK. When I did brake hard, the car didn't feel like it was cadence braking and I couldn't hear anything to this effect either but I couldn't get it to skid...!
Anyway, I'll check it out at the weekend and will confirm by looking for the ABS unit under the bonnet. Thanks for your help.

Is there a website which details the full spec for the car? Have searched Google and looked through Parkers but doesn't give that much info!

The only other small thing I've noticed is that whenever I turn the ignition on (i.e. engine off) the fan is spinning at a very slow speed and at no point can I switch it off...is this normal? (It's only the fan and A/C is off).



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