Astra 1.7TD - How much - charlie_boy
How much will it cost to reseat the valves on a 1.7TD Astra 1993.
Also, how much would it cost to replace the glow plugs, and is it a job easy to DIY? If so how.

Would this help my car start first time?
Astra 1.7TD - How much - Vansboy
Does the valve job REALY need doing?You'll end up parting with £250 ish, at a guess,that would be a low cost garage price.
Glow plugs, so long as nothing breaks,OK as diy task.
Plugs £50 ish for 4, quite often on special price at Vauxhall.
Astra 1.7TD - How much - Railroad
You don't say whether you have the GM Opel, or Isuzu engine. Glow plugs are not difficult to do on either, but I wouldn't consider removing the cylinder head unless you have to. This is a much bigger job on the Japanese engine because the valve clearances require shimming.

Get a diesel fuel injection specialist (Lucas etc.) or your local garage to do a compression check or a leak down test first. Obviously first make sure they can do this on a diesel engine. If this proves OK you've saved yourself a big expensive job.
Astra 1.7TD - How much - glowplug
Do you mean re-seating or re-setting the valve clearences (re-shimmimg)?
If it's re-shimming an Isuzu engine then our local Vauxhall dealer wants £60+VAT per hour plus parts. My brothers Astra TD (Isuzu) goes in today to a local diesel specialist, I think it was £60 all in he was quoted.



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