MOT self pre check - martin
I want to use my Haynes manual to carry out a pre MOT check on my Passat. The manuals, as we all know are fairly detailed and don\'t leave much to the imagination. But what kind of reliable ideas concerning the probably outcome of the MOT test can i get without the sophisicated tools that today\'s garages now use, i.e. emissions control, brake alignment, front light alignment?

MOT self pre check - Dynamic Dave
Martin, have you tried looking at
MOT self pre check - king arthur
A garage near me does free MoT failures, i.e. they don't charge for the MoT until the car passes. Needless to say they get all my MoT work and are always busy.

This doesn't help you much, obviously...I just felt like telling someone.
MOT self pre check - volvoman
Your Royal Highness - if said garage really is providing a quality service, why not list them on the Good Garage section so others may benefit.
MOT self pre check - Cliff Pope
I regard the MOT itself as a sort of pre-test. I give the car a good looking over myself first to spot obvious things, but lack any equipment to do the real thing.
Most garages do a re-test for nothing, so the first test is really just a pre-test for the second. It also saves one from being over-critical and replacing things that don't need it. If I am doubtful about something I mention it to the tester and get his expert opinion. IMO it is well worth finding a good friendly garage and building up a relationship with the tester. I have been passed on several marginal things on a promise that I will replace them asap.
MOT self pre check - Altea Ego
When the wifes car is going for an MOT I always do a simple pre check.
1/ Check all the lights, including indicators, rear fog and brake lights. Assume headlamp alignment is ok if not been damaged,

2/Check the horn

3/Check the wipers and washers (check the blades for wear or torn)

4/Check the seatbelts (not frayed, the catches work, and they lock when tugged

5/Check the tyres for wear, splits, cuts and bulges.

6/Whip off the front wheels, check pad wear, disk ok.

7/Exhaust for leaks

8/Bounce test on each corner of car (push down hard on corner and make sure car doesnt keep bouncing up and down)

8/Road test, including heavy brake test, handbrake, and steering slop

And thats about it, It makes sure the car does not get failed on anything stupid and is well worth the 1/2 hour of effort it takes.

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