Astra 1.7TD - Isuzu Engine 1993 - charlie_boy
When starting from cold in the morning (not freezing conditions, around 4/5 Degs)After letting the glow plug light extinguish after 4/5 secs. You turn and hold the key, and you hear the starter motor turning the car over, and the engine starts to try and turn. After about 20 secs of holding the key, it doesn't start. So I repeat the process two or three times before it starts. Is this normal? And if not, is it expensive to sort.

Also, the water pump gasket has erroded. And is due to go in the garage in two weeks. Is there a quick, temporary way of holding it till then. I have though of smeering Hermetite aroung the joint until then. Good idea or not ???
Astra 1.7TD - Isuzu Engine 1993 - Carl
Sounds like the glowplugs, be aware that the original OE items are made by NGK and sold solely thought Vx dealers at £40 EACH !! + VAT
Astra 1.7TD - Isuzu Engine 1993 - charlie_boy
My brotherinlaw works as a Vauxhall mechanic at a dealership, will he get them cheaper?

Also, I bought my Astra 1.7TD GLS 1993 (K Reg) for 750 Quid with 117k on the clock. It has had a new cambelt, new valves, pulley's, alternator in the last three months prior to sale. Have I been ripped off?
Astra 1.7TD - Isuzu Engine 1993 - Richard Hall
We've had this problem on this forum a few times now. Take a look at

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