Locking Wheel Nuts - Dude - {P}
I have run a search on this subject, but found little info on the best available locking wheel nuts on the market. With a set of alloys and tyres costing in the region of 2 grand, - what make would B.R`s recommend as the best on the market ????
Locking Wheel Nuts - fitz
Go to the products test section of the

www.autoexpress.co.uk website.

They have tested all of the main brands of locking wheel nuts. let me know if you find it useful.
Locking Wheel Nuts - Cyd
Unfortunately locking wheel nuts are all too easy to get off with the right tool, which can be bought for about £20. Check out www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?f=2&t=11...9

If you find any wheel nuts capable of resisting this attack, please let us know - I'd like a set too.
Locking Wheel Nuts - Andrew-T
Joking apart, if the wheels are excessively valuable, it is probably worth getting two different sets of nuts and mixing them judiciously among your wheels.
Locking Wheel Nuts - Peter D
Get off the guys case, if he likes cool alloys and pro top tyres then that\'s fine with me. I have fitted three sets of different issue and different make of locking nuts on a friend car for the same reason. Yes they are still on the car but they nicked his badges recently. Regards Peter
Locking Wheel Nuts - Wally Zebon
I've got a set of £1200 wheels and use two sets of locking nuts.
Try and get them insured seperately. My car is insured fully comp but only for market value, but my wheels are insured for £2000. This was through Direct Line.

Locking Wheel Nuts - Mark (RLBS)
Cut out the personal stuff please.
Locking Wheel Nuts - Mark (RLBS)
>>it is probably worth getting two different sets of nuts

I'd go with that. Remember, if they really want the wheels, they'll get them whatever you do. Two sets will stop all chancers and all but the most determined of scumbags.


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