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Hi, looking at buying a 2nd hand sharan or alhambra. Post face lift 2010 models with sliding doors.

I've read lots of what appear to be conflicting reports over this engine. Does it have a wet clutch? None of the auto boxes I've looked at have had the dsg oil changed even with dealer history but yet, I've seen on a couple of sites reports that suggest it is wet. Assuming it's the same engine as in other cars?

Also given its an auto will it have a DMF still or does it use a torque converter.

Anyone know either way?


Volkswagen Sharan - VW Sharan DSG oil/flywheel - medview


You didn't mention your fuel preference.

Sharan's up to 2010 had a good torque convertor auto which is 'sealed for life' and should be trouble free up to 100k.

After 2010 the DSG's came along with the 7 speed dry clutch unit used with the petol 1.4tsi (also sealed for life, a short life...!)

After 2010 the Diesel has the 6 speed DSG wet box, which needs oil changes every 40k but should last OK until the electronics fries.

All post 2010 cars have a DMF.

I'd recommend a low mileage pre 2010 car from an auto longivity perspective. The DSG's are expensive to repair and pre-2012 dry clutches fail early in petrol vehicles.

Checkout the specifications on the Parkers website.



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