how much for my vectra ??? - paul_pompey
Just need a guide on how much i should be asking for my 1996 Nreg vectra saloon 2.0GLS with very high mileage 178,000

In fairly good condition and drives well

thanks for your help
how much for my veccy ??? - DavidHM
Not much I'm afraid.

'Fairly good' isn't really good enough to shift a high miler like that. I'd probably say £900 and be prepared to drop as low as £600, given that it would make no more than that at auction.
£600 really !!!!!! - paul_pompey
I will only get £600 !!!! I have seen H reg sierras go for that and more !!!!!!
£600 really !!!!!! - DavidHM
An H reg Sierra with 178k showing (well, they only have 5 figure odometers, but you know what I mean) wouldn't make £250 privately unless mint and, at auction, would struggle to make £150. People will pay more for a low miler because they forget how old a Sierra actually is now, and believe that cars wear out because of mileage rather than age.

I know it's harsh but people who don't know much about cars are paranoid about high mileage and people who know a lot also know where the really good bargains are.

If the car is in truly good condition, with good tyres, recent cambelt, and no signs of its high mileage, it's probably worth about £1200 - but fairly good implies that it needs reconditioning and so that was priced in. I still think it will be difficult to sell privately; because of its mileage it's a buyers' market. Even when someone does buy it, it's quite possible it's going to be an unsrcupulous clocker who knows he can get something similar at auction for a little bit less.

Sorry, but you do want to get rid of the car, don't you?
£600 really !!!!!! - Morris Ox

as David says, the mileage is the killer for you.

Many used car buyers will not look at cars which have done over 100k because it is unknown territory for them. Yours is within spitting distance of twice that.

YOU are selling a modern car which is only six years-old. THEY are buying something which has been to the moon and back according to the odomometer; Lord knows what will need doing to it - could there be a big bill on the way?

Try and look at it from the buyers' perspective: you've never come across the car or the person before and (by the sound of your expectations) you're being asked to spend anywhere between £900-£1200 on a 178k Vectra when the same money will buy something better with less mileage?

Cars like this are grist to the mill for certain types of trader. Private buyers will simply look elsewhere unless the price is very attractive. David's already told you what attractive means in this context.

£600 really !!!!!! - hxj

So given that my three year old petrol engined car is now at 60k and will be covering 25k a year, are you suggesting that I should change my car in say 6 mths to 12 mths to avoid this problem?

Final chapter in the life of my veccy - paul_pompey
Well put a sticker in the window advertising for £1350 yeh optimistic i know and also placed a classified ad for £1250

guess what sold it today for £1050 so im pleased.

Determined not to sell it for £600 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see posts above if u lost !!!
Final chapter in the life of my veccy - DavidHM
Good result, I'm pleased for you.

My 'mint' figure was £1200; 'needs fixing' was £900 and you got exactly the average of those two. I said, be prepared to go to £600, which would be an auction figure, as an absolute bottom line - not that that was all the car was worth, just what you would need to contemplate if you needed a quick sale.

It might be worth looking at AutoTrader for similar cars locally and seeing if it comes up minus 100k of those miles in the near future.
yeh would be interesting - paul_pompey
If i did see it minus 100k and bumped up price what would you do report it ??????
yeh would be interesting - king arthur
I would - I can't stand clockers in any shape or form. You see them at auctions going gaga over high milers, they bid the prices up and you think to yourself, "how the hell is that worth that much?" and then you look at the kind of person buying it and you know exactly what is going to happen to that car.
yeh would be interesting - Gen
Surely clocking doesn't fool people anymore without a history? I know the car I bought my dad was clocked since the mileage was on an auction sticker on the mirror which was still there when I bought it...don't know why they bothered clocking it...force of habit I guess...
yeh would be interesting - Dynamic Dave
If i did see it minus 100k and bumped up price
what would you do report it ??????

Did you fill out the voluntary mileage bit of the logbook that you sent back to the DVLA to inform them you have sold it? That way at least there will be a record of the mileage somewhere.
£600 really !!!!!! - blank
My 4 year old 1.6LX Mondeo 60k mile car is now worth, on Parkers mid-price £3510. A 7 year old (older shape, no a/c) with 135k miles is worth £1260. If I presume mine will be worth £1260 in 3 years and 75k miles, the depreciation cost will be £750 per year. Which is approximately nothing.

Don't sell an old car to avoid depreciation. The newer and more valuable they are, the more thye depreciate, unless you are VERY clever. This is perfectly illustrated by the fact thet my car as mentioned above has cost me £2000 in depreciation over the past 18 months and 40000 miles.

£600 really !!!!!! - hxj

Noted, but I hoped you picked up the light cynicism in my post!

The prices on the carprice guides are around £7K for my Zafira yet Autotrader has similar examples with similar mileage for upto 10K.

Mine cost me £12,750 (after GM points) and so the depreciation doesn't look to bad at the moment, probably due to a shortage of old high mileage ones, and IMHO it really is a pretty good car, yes I really do need to carry four kids around with me, and yes I am boring.

So I can get a new one, with posh paint for around £14,700, with another £2k off with my GM points. So that doesn't look like too bad a depreciation hit in the future either.

Has anyone driven an LPG Zafira?

What are the residuals like on OEM Dualfuel Vauxhalls?


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