Honda Accord Type R - JimmiMac
Hi Guys,

I currently own a 7 year old Audi A4 1.8 but desperately need to get back to a sporty car. As the family is growing we need another 4 door saloon and the Accord seems to fit the bill perfectly.

I've found a couple at main dealers around the £10k mark. Which, for a 3 year old car seems v.reasonable. They're very quick, the VTEC motor makes all the right noises and of course there's the legendary Japanese build quality etc etc.

Anyone got any experience of the Type R?? or have any other suggestions. I expect to run the car for at least 3 years and do about 12k miles PA.

Any help/advice much appreciated.
Honda Accord Type R - Ben {P}
19k sounnds a bit strong to me, especially considering how many of them will have been driven. You could buy a new one for £14.5k. Take a test drive, the ride is very hard in these cars, and it is only front wheel drive. Have you had a look at a nissan 200sx touring?

Honda Accord Type R - Ben {P}
meant 10k a bit strong
Honda Accord Type R - JimmiMac
Hi Ben, I must admit I've always fancied a 200SX. I used to own an E30 BMW 325i Sport before I got married and would love to return to RWD with a Limited Slip Diff - memories of wet roundabouts come flooding back!!

However, due to family circumstances I need to stick with a 4 door saloon or hatchback.
Honda Accord Type R - ajit
Honda's are fairly bullet proof but check for accident damage. Be prepared to budget for new tyres often!
Honda Accord Type R - Cardew
"You could buy a new one for £14.5k."
A new ACCORD Type R for £14.5K?? Not when I was looking - even in Holland/Belgium.
You are pushed to get a new Civic Type R for that.

Honda Accord Type R - Ben {P}
Your right, i am talking rubbish, didnt read the post properly and thought he meant a Civic type r. Sorry.
Honda Accord Type R - fitz
I can't disagree. The Honda Accord is an excellent car. The only downsides that I can see is that it can be a bit noisy, it eats front tyres, insurance is expensive and it needs super unleaded petrol (I think!). A truly excellent car that I thoroughly recommend that you test drive is the Skoda Octavia RS. It is fast,comfortable practical and excellent to drive. My only criticisms are the light colour of the centre panels on the seats, which shows the dirt and that you can get a bit of rain water into the boot when you lid up. Do not ignore this under-rated car. You will get a 2000 or 2001 car for £10Kk and it comes with air con. etc. Check out the owners reviews of this car and others on the web site.
Honda Accord Type R - sorrera
Don't have any first hand experience, but as I was considering the type R I have done the usual internet trawl.
Findings seem to be:
very reliable, pretty fast when you rev it, dull to look at (minus the huge wing), noisy, harsh ride, 8-10k for front tyres, cheap servicing (compared to your audi.

the obvious BMW 323/328
ALFA 156/166 (reliability?)
Mondeo ST
VoLVO s60
Lexus IS ( even better, an imported altezza with a more powerful engine would suit the cars sporty image and is substantially cheaper with many more goodies)
Honda Accord Type R - volvod5_dude
My brother in law has just bought a W reg (2000) Mercedes CLK 2.30 Kompressor privately for £14.5k mint condition FMBSH. I'm really jealous.

Honda Accord Type R - midlifecrisis
I've had my MGZT for two weeks now. The car is absolutely fabulous. It's solid, doesn't squeak or rattle (unlike my previous Passat), gets lots of admiring looks (or that could just be because I'm such a handsome fellow) and is a joy to drive. The engine sounds fantastic. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.
Honda Accord Type R - carayzee
I had one of these for a year and a half.
Only problems were condensation in the fog lights (warranty job) and a gearbox rebuild (£2k warranty job) it was crunching 3rd gear in high-rpm changes and reverse was difficult to select.
My mates ATR had exactly the same problems, both fine after the rebuild.
Tyres last about 12,000 miles. Toyo Proxes are only about £75 quid and much better than the OEM Bridgestones.
Did over 30 mpg if you weren't trying. Does more mpg on super unleaded, which offsets the cost, but you don't have to use super.

I sold my '99 V for 11k in February privately so 10k from a dealer sounds good to me. Try to get one with some warranty left though.
Honda Accord Type R - Nsar
That's an amazing price - mileage?
Honda Accord Type R - carayzee
Nasr - it had done 18,000 and was mint. A bike cop from somewhere near Luton flew up to Edinburgh to buy it. Said he couldn't find any nice ones for that price dahn saaaf.

Honda Accord Type R - JimmiMac
Just a quick note as an update. After much deliberation and internet trawling I decided not to go with the type R - the high insurance quote finally put me off. On the recommendation of a few colleagues (and Fitz..) I decided to bite the bullet and take a Skoda Octavia vRS for a test drive.

The outcome? Went back to the dealer this morning to sign the paperwork and will take delivery of a metallic black, 51 plate car with only 6k miles next Thursday.


Honda Accord Type R - Rojer
What was it Damon Hill said about it in Top Gear when it first came out?

"It's quite good"

That's about as excited as Damon gets with manufactured cars. So that's "very good" in normal-speak



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