Speedo broken/poor performance/h. gasket - dave18
Mum\'s speedo isn\'t working. It seems to register intermittently when in lower gears or in any gear under hard acceleration. (OK 5th won\'t offer hard acceleration in a severely negelected metro but nevermind.) Loose cable?
My friend\'s Mondeo 1.8TD ,M reg, 146k ,seems to perform poorly below 2500 revs and needs to be revved quite hard for a diesel on hills. Is this just a characteristic? Being an old design id guess the turbo provides most of the power. Also he thinks he is getting poor economy; what are the main causes on a diesel? His right foot is heavy but not made of lead.
Finally I was a passenger in said Mondeo the other day when my friend\'s friend\'s (!) Punto blew its head gasket. He drives like a fool, stereotypical boy racer. He blasts it from cold and uses cheap oil. However the gasket blew at 80 on the motorway shortly after he had been nudging 100. I would have thought it was the local road 0-60 sprints etc from cold that set it off not maxing it on the motorway once it would have been warm. \'Mechanic\' who was amongst the passengers said \'a 1.2 shouldn\'t do that, motorways are bad for it.\'

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