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Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - nick62

Looking to change SWMBO's LR Evoque which has has just passed it's 5th birthday. She loves the car, but new petrol versions are north of £40K, (looking to get out of diesel due to both recent developments and change in use which has resulted in much lower annual mileage).

The 1.4 petrol Q3 looks to fit the bill and is in the right price bracket (~£30K). I'm asking for feedback on any actual owners on here please (or other suggestions), we will be buying new.

Thanks in advance.

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Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - Avant

You have the choice here, Nick, of getting a good deal on the current model or waiting for the new one which is I believe imminent.

Two friends have had Q3s, both diesels: both have been reasonably happy but one, who thought it 'a bit of a lump', has recently changed it for a Q2, which he much prefers.

I'd say the best of the competition would be the BMW X1 and Mazda CX-5. You can get entry-level 2.0 petrol versions of these for under £30k. You'd probably persuade a dealer to discount a Q3 2.0 petrol to below £30k: I'd personally go for a 2.0, but the 1.4 is perfectly adequate, and Skidpan who has a 1.4 Skoda Superb doesn't find it underpowered.

Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - nick62

Thanks Avant. Had a quick look today and TBH the Q2 1.4 petrol is probably a better choice!

Just have to see if SWMBO likes it now?

Pity JLR don't do a decent small petrol Evoque as they are made only 3 miles up the road.

Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - 72 dudes

We have a Q3 1.4 TFSi Sport S Tronic. It's just over a year old now and we are delighted with it.

The 1.4 engine is a marvel and is rarely wanting for power. Economy is not great (I can't get near skidpan's figures in his manual Skoda Superb with the same engine) so it's low 40's on a gentle run and high 30's overall.

The cylinder deactivation works well and is almost imperceptible.

We looked at a Q2 in the showroom when we were choosing the Q3, and just didn't like it as much. The main difference was in the lower quality of the interior and the less high up driving position. No offence to Avant who has one on order. I do think the shape of the current Q3 is a little dumpy though!

If you go to you will see most Q3 owners think the same (but then they would, wouldn't they?!)

Downsides to the current Q3? New model in July will be lighter, slightly bigger with more up to date tech. The boot on the current one is not very big (but bigger than Q2). If you can, add the LED interior light package as the standard interior lights are miserly - two total, none in the footwells, door edges or vanity mirrors.(I've got more lights in my 11 year old A Class). The steering is over light in "Efficiency" mode but the coasting feature in this mode is good. Steering weight and feel is better in "Dynamic" mode and throttle response crisper.

The current Q3 rides very well, the 1.4 petrol is quiet (some owners of the 2.0 TFSi have complained about excessive induction noise) and is a very civilised place to spend time.

S Line and S line Black Edition ride on 18" plus wheels (Edit: and stiffer suspension), Sport uses 17" with sensible tyres, although S Line owners also report the ride is still comfortable.

Hope this helps with your decision.

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Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - nick62

Oh dear, that went well.............not!

She wants to wait until the Evoque hybrid is available next year. I better get saving.

Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - SLO76

Oh dear, that went well.............not!

She wants to wait until the Evoque hybrid is available next year. I better get saving.

Why not buy a used 2.0 petrol? The hybrid will be expensive and with your low annual mileage it’ll never cover the extra cost. The 2.0 Ecoboost petrol is based on the excellent chain driven Mazda L series motor and has no real vices if looked after properly. Stick a private plate on it if you want to hide its age but it’ll look no different from a new one. The biggest cost involved with prestige metal like this is depreciation so buy used and pay the right money to negate as much of this sting as possible. I’d also suggest the upcoming Honda CRV 1.5 Turbo but I’m assuming image is key here as the Evoque does nothing that a Ford Focus can’t do other than carry that Range Rover badge. I was mightily disappointed by the quality inside when I first sat in one, it’s poor compared to our CRV or a Civic for that matter even if it does look much nicer inside and out.

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Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - nick62

Good point SLO and thanks for your input, but most petrol versions are still v. expensive "top-end" variants which really whacks-up the price. My lad had a week in the Halewood factory on work experince and they were telling him how much more margin is in one with lots of extras, (i.e. they cost hardly any more to build). I guess Audi are good at this too.

Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - Avant

The school report on JLR's marketing director must have said 'He will go far - with someone's foot behind him'.

It's exactly the same with the new E-Pace - no entry-level petrol versions, no doubt because their marketing plans were made when most big-car buyers wanted diesel. Some still do, but other manufacturers seem to have grasped that there's also a demand for good-value petrol cars, especially ones with the new breed of efficient turbos.

The Evoque hybrid needn't be excessively expensive - Toyota have shown the way here - but if the same slow developers are still in charge of marketing, it will be.

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Audi Q3 - Audi Q3 - Buying advice - nick62

I don't get it either Avant.

The way cars are built today it really can't take much effort to change the spec. to allow an entry level petrol. No doubt someone will have a "clever" algorithm which says they have a lot more diesels to shift before such a time arrives? But even then with all the JIT manufacturing you wouldn't think this would matter?

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