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Renault 19 starting problems - goodie2shooz
Hi, can anyone help me, please!! :o(

Long Post Warning .... sorry, but thought you'd like all the details.

I have a Renault 19 RTI 1.4e 'm' reg. I've had it for 2 years, and it has started first time, every time, until ..... last week!

There was a leak from the metal pipe thing (is that the right name for it!??) that sits along the front of the manifold. Where the 3 hoses go into. I manage to get to the garage, and they replaced the pipe, and put in 3lts of antifreeze. It was okay for a couple of days, then it just wouldn't start. It wanted to, but just wouldn't. So, I called out the RAC ....

Thursday morning .... RAC man arrived, after almost 2 hours. He checked the fuses, plugs and had a look in the throttle housing unit. He tested a few things, and said he didn't know what to make of it. So, he poured some petrol into the throttle housing unit, and it started no problem. He said it might be the fuel filter. So, I arranged to have it fitted on Friday. The car started fine for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday morning .... Rac man No2 arrives. Explained to him what was done the day before, and he had a look at the fuel injector thing inside the throttle housing unit, and done a few tests, and he couldn't find anything. So, he sprayed some carburettor cleaner stuff into the throttle housing unit, and she started no problem. He said that I could try getting new spark plugs, and off he went. So, I drove to the garage, had the fuel filter changed and a new set of plugs. Car started okay for the rest of the day.

Saturday morning (today) .... Enter RAC man No3 . Again, gave him a sitrep of what had gone on the previous 2 days, and he had a look at the throttle housing unit. Done the same tests as previous RAC men, and couldn't see what was up. While he was leaning in and looking at the throttle housing unit, he lent on, and burst, the rubber hose joint that the thermostat, overflow and engine hoses go into. Water everywhere. 50 minutes, and a makeshift joint, later ..... he sprayed some carburettor cleaning stuff into the throttle housing unit, and my wee car started no problemo!! Off I went to visit my mum in Edinburgh, car was starting okay all day, until it was time for me to come home (Fife). Along comes RAC man No4 :oD ..... told him the story, he sprayed some of the same stuff into the same unit, and my lovely wee car burst into life!! So, I'm now home, and my car is tucked up in my garage. I know that if I try to start it tomorrow the same thing will happen .... I'm at my wits end, and I've seen enough RAC men to last me years!! (they were all very nice though)

I don't think I've left anything out ..... sorry it's such a long post, but, well, you know what us women are like when we get started!! :o))

Please help me. All help is greatly appreciated.



Renault 19 starting problems - Robin the Technician
It very much sounds like there is an electrical problem in or around the throttle housing unit. I suspect that if there are any cables going to this unit, the connections be thoroghly checked for continuity. As all checks have been done- plugs fuel filter etc it all points to a fault in this unit. You could get one from a breakers and have it fitted- at least it would eliminate this unit.
Hope this helps

These are the views of Robin the Technician with some 35 years in the trade- I fix, therefore I am......
Renault 19 starting problems - goodie2shooz
Thanks Robin .... I'm not sure what the breaker is though? Also, would I be able to fit it, or would it have to be a garage?


Renault 19 starting problems - king arthur
Thanks Robin .... I'm not sure what the breaker is though?
Also, would I be able to fit it, or would
it have to be a garage?

He means a breaker's yard, i.e. a scrapyard. But then one from a scrapyard might be in a similar state of disrepair, and that might not be the problem. Would it be fair to say your car seems to start okay when the engine is hot, and does not start when cold? What's the longest period of time you've been able to leave it and then start it again okay?
Renault 19 starting problems - goodie2shooz
Hi King Arthur,

Yes, I only have the problem when the engine is cold.

Normally I wouldn't use the car until the next morning, so you are talking about maybe 17 hours, but yesterday when I tried to start it after it only having been left for 3 hours, it didn't start.

I don't know what to do next, and with it being the bank holiday weekend, I can't contact a garage or anything till Tuesday. :o(



Renault 19 starting problems - PhilW
Have a look at this thread with regard to my son's Clio which wouldn't start. Credit to Adam Going who was right first time with his suggestion that the Cooling Temperature Sensor was at fault - cheap (£22-50 from Renault) and also easy to replace (1/2 an hour?)
Hope this might solve your problem - course it could be something completely different!!
Renault 19 starting problems - goodie2shooz
Hi there Phil,

Thanks very much ...... you have no idea what my car means to me!!! I'll see if I can contact any mobile mechanics first thing in the morning. Unless you think I could do it myself??

Keep your fingers crossed for me!! :o)

Renault 19 starting problems - PhilW
I presume your engine is very similar to the Clio 1.4 - if so it is very simple to do - it has to be for me to do it!! It's on the right hand end of the engine (looking from front of car, hidden a little by the distributor cap) Unplug the plastic connector, undo the CTS (have the new one ready!) Stick your thumb over the hole to stop too much coolant leaking out, put new one in, tighten up and put the connector back on. Top up coolant.
P.S. I'm assuming this is what's wrong - but it's certainly worth a try since it's a lot cheaper than the £600 new throttle body that was suggested by one garage I went to.
Renault 19 starting problems - goodie2shooz
Hi Phil,

Thanks for the info. I've arranged for mobile tuning to come and replace it tomorrow afternoon. So, hopefully all will be well. I'll let you know what happens.


Renault 19 starting problems - goodie2shooz
Hi Phil,

Just to let you know that it was the coolant temperature sensor. I got it fixed today, and like you said it only took half an hour. I got it tuned up at the same time .... just to make sure! :o)

Thanks, to everyone, for all your help.

Yipeeeee!!! I've got my wheels back!!



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