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Hi I've just upgraded from a focus mk1 to a mk2, I had a couple of questions if anyone can be of help. Do any parts transfer from the old to the newer one E. G. Wheels tyres bulbs etc I don't expect it all to. Also what do cars go for scarp these days I've been advised £120 at auction but if someone offers to pick up for £80 just take it, but don't fall for the 'you have to pay us to take away'. If a car is taken for scrap and I do say take off the lights, bulbs, wheels etc will they still take it or is it usually the whole car they want. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Last time I scrapped a motor (about a year ago now) it was an old Mondeo 1.8 LX. Guy I was selling a Mitsubishi Carisma diesel to had been offered zip, zero, nowt by his two local scrap yards so I offered him a tenner and it gave me transport back home after dropping off his replacement. Quick call round every yard near me gave the same response. No cash, we’ll pick it up for free.

Then I remembered a chap I knew who does banger racing, he was round with the hour with £80 in his hand. Not sure about scrap prices right now and I doubt they’d be upset if you take a few bits and bobs off it but they’re very different cars and you’ll need to at least leave the wheels on it. If you get anything for it you’ll be doing well.

But remember you need to either be quick or SORN it if it’s no longer insured or taxed or you’ll get an automatic fine through the post. As for the £120 at auction well I doubt that and even if someone wanted to pay that for a scrap car you’d have to pay selling fees and vat on that. To be honest you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s worth the bother but good luck anyway.

Good choice on the replacement (assuming it’s a petrol) the Mk II Focus is one of the best used buys on the road today. Japanese engines, great handling, cheap for parts and very practical.

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There was a thread on here about donating scrap cars to charity. Another option (which I'll probably go for when I replace my car) is to take it down the local fire station for them to practice on with their cutting gear. The last car I 'scrapped' I then saw back on the road for about two years, with a tow bar and trailer.

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On line breakers will pay good money if you deliver to them . £100 for son's Mark1 Yaris...

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Try somewhere like and they'll collect - my son got £171 for his 1998 Saab 900... Don't know if that reflects strong demand for Saab spares, though.

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When i was going to scrap my old transit connect, the local scrapyard told me they paid £50 per ton, which would have meant about £75 for me. But in the end i gave it to my brother, him and his mate fixed it up and it is now back on the road!.

But donating it to the firestation seems a very usefu way for an old car to end its life, would never have even crossed my mind!.


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