VW Passatt - egor
Just tested a passatt 1.8se estate.Nice !
Everything smooth and just glides along and air conditioning works a treat. Oils nice and clean,no smoke from exhaust car doesnt pull under sharp braking.
Its a bit worn on the seats and theres a crack in the front headlight and little scratch by rear wheel arch but thats it.
Screen price is £5995 its done 85k and has full service history the book all stamped as well as all the individual garage receipts, asked the guy what he can go down to but hes not willing to move much as i want to trade in a kia sportage glx n reg 85k, what should i do ?
VW Passatt - martin
is this private sales or at a dealer? Sounds like a dealer. You want to make a number of cross checks on price first, try Autotrader and other well known car advertisers. Also Parkers will give you a price, but they are totally over optomistic as to market value.

The damage sounds minor, but still you want to have a serious look under the hood and underneath the car in general, rust etc... HJ offers good tips as to what to do when examining a car, if you hav\'nt done this yet. Take someone who knows cars to have a look with you if you feel unsure youself.

I\'d say though that 6k is a little steep for the milage. I brought a Passat CL TDI M reg for £1400, but it did have 140k on the clock. Still this is a lot less than this guy is asking for, even considering the extra milage!!!!

It will be interesting to see what the other B-roomers have to say!
VW Passatt - Morris Ox
Without knowing what reg/age the car is it\'s very difficult to tell whether the value is high or low.

Besides a good thumb through the service history generally, you should make sure it\'s had a cambelt change at that mileage. As the car-by-car breakdown details, these can break, with pretty disasterous consequences.
VW Passatt - egor
Its a s reg 1998, its from a dealer, its got the handbook with al the vw dealer stamps as well as everything else thats been done to it in the form of garage receipts.
Ive just looked up glasses guide and parkers and heres the result for a passatt of s reg and 85k on the clock:
GLASSES- £7010 retail
£5250 excellent
PARKERS- £6190 a1
£5635 good
VW Passatt - Morris Ox
I don't get the Glass's value at all, Egor; it's well above forecourt reality. Are you absolutely sure you're reading it right? Trade books can be a bit puzzling to follow first time round and you need to be sure it's an up-to-date guide as they change regularly.

My take is that you've got some room to talk them down, especially as there's the odd ding and it's a petrol model - diesels are much easier to shift at top dollar.

I've had a 98 R 1.8S 20V saloon with the Climatronic AC since new and it's been 100 per cent reliable. Pros are that it's solid, very roomy, cruises quietly, rides comfortably and still looks good after a wash'n'brush-up after five years. Cons are poor economy (you'll struggle to crack 35mpg and it can go as low as 26-28), average performance and handling, slow gearchange (it's notchy when hurried) and a stereo which is, frankly, pathetic (if it hadn't been a company car I would have swapped it the day after I got it).

One more thing: the velour trim on SE models can pick up dust/hair/fabric/muck like no tomorrow.

Just be sure of the timing belt issue, Egor. If it hasn't been replaced get it sorted - or pray...
VW Passatt - egor
Go to autoexpress.com, next go to used car valuation, put in details and it spits out the answer powered by glass's guide exactly like i wrote earlier also ive checked out autotrader and down here (somerset.avon) i found these
r reg 1.9tstdi110 £4495 113,000 miles
p reg 2.o sl £5295 81,000 miles
£5499 1.8se mileage not given but bound to be sky high
£5495 1.9tdse as above
so they all seem pretty much the same down here also i want a estate which bumps the price up.
VW Passatt - Morris Ox
It's not the answer you'd get from the little books which Glass's and CAP circulate; suspect they simply sponsor a function provided by someone else. That or the database it's reading off hasn't been updated. Either way, the value is way off beam.

Of the Autotrader cars, the P-reg 2.0 SL looks like a previous generation Passat; either way, it's a price from another Galaxy for a 1997 car on 81K.

You do pay a slight premium for an estate, but you've still got some room to come down on your original quote.
VW Passatt - egor
What sort of price should i be aiming at? Ive checked parkers,glass' and autotrader as a reference and these are what cars are going for down here. Also im kind of over a barrell as i want to trade in the kia which isn't helping me when it comes to haggling.
VW Passatt - T Lucas
Forget all the guide prices,its the 'price to change' thats important,and maybe the dealer wont even want your Kia.
VW Passatt - Morris Ox
The trade pays probably around £2-2.5k for your Kia, and I'm guessing they'll probably shift it within the trade rather than sell it themselves because it's a budget brand which isn't that sexy. So they'll aim for a low offer.

Subtract those kind of sums off the Passat's price, and you've got top and bottom target figures which you want to hit or land between. Then it's down to you to make noises about the dings on the Passat, how much tax and MoT it's got (i.e., how much you'll have to spend in addition to what they're rushing you in the first place), and see where that gets you.

You're always in a slightly weaker position doing a part ex, but you're still the customer and there are plenty of other Passats about if your garage doesn't play ball to your liking. Never act oike you think you're 'over a barrel' - just walk out the door...

VW Passatt - Morris Ox
By the way, VW dealers always charge over the odds and often act like they don't need your custom. If any dealer plays that game with me I walk.

Try and hunt round none-VW franchises or other retailers to find something similar and check what price they're charging. You can either wave that under the VW dealers' nose or just go somewhere else anyway.

You're the customer, you decide what deal is right for you, and a smart Alec in a suit needs to understand that from the start. Like I say, there are plenty more Passats out there.


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