Ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI - Egr valve block / delete - Fiestaman 2999

Good morning folks, today i have a question to ask and seeking advice. I think my egr valve is sticking on my fiesta 1.4 tdci. So im looking to find out what is the consiquence of blocking off the egr or deleting it from the system. Ive heard of vw owners deleting it and the dpf when remapping the car for power increase, im not looking for power im just looking for an easy and inexpensive fix. If anyone else has had the problem of egr sticking could you please share your experience.

Thank you for any advice.

Ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI - Egr valve block / delete - Gibbo_Wirral

If you can get to the EGR, remove and clean it with brake cleaner.

Ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI - Egr valve block / delete - Fiestaman 2999

Yes cleaning it is definatly the best option and advice thank you Gibbo_Wirral, but i wonder would blocking it or deleting it cause any problems? From reading other threads my problem is definatly the egr and my mechanic was inclined to say the same. Thank you for you help

Ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI - Egr valve block / delete - MrEckerslikefromRamsbottom

The EGR used to bring up the 'engine fault' light on my 2006 Fiesta 1.4 Tdci.. It became regular in hot weather, especially with stop-start driving. I bought a code reader - a Sealey VS8700 - just to check that the EGR was the problem every time the engine light came on. The light would always go out again, sometimes the next day, sometimes after a couple of days, or I could use the code reader to cancel the fault light. Eventually, I decided to try the 'diesel additive' remedy. After a year of regularly adding a mixture of 200:1 two-stroke oil and 1000:1 of Miller's Eco-Max or Diesel Rhino to every fill-up, the engine light very rarely if ever comes in now. And the exhaust doesn't smoke under load like it used to.

Many drivers of course wouldn't want the trouble of pouring in an additive every time they fill up. I make it easier by carrying a couple of used 250ml long-spouted fuel additive bottles as sold by all garages, which I have refilled with my own mixture. I have a mixing bottle at home marked with a line at 150ml for a 30litre fill-up. I pour in the cheapest two-stroke oil I can get, and that is from Morrisons, up to the 150ml line, then I get the diesel additive bottle - a Millers Eco-Max refilled from a bulk container, and squeeze 30ml into the marked dispenser. So what I'm doing is using the cheapest supermarket fuel and adding my own additive. The car has now done 217,500 miles.

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Ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI - Egr valve block / delete - RobJP

You mention about deleting the EGR/DPF. Do note that with the new, stricter MOT test, if a car that was originally equipped with a DPF gives off any 'visible smoke' at the time of test, then it is an automatic fail. Same with if the DPF canister has been tampered with - unless there is documentary evidence (in the form of a receipt from the garage that did the work) that the work was carried out so that the DPF could be cleaned, then it's a fail.

Cutting corners and skimping on maintenance, or attempting to 'con' your way out of the emissions requirements, is going to start to become a mug's game.


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