VW Golf Broken Accelerator Cable - andrew4
Hi All

I have a VW Golf Mk 2 (81,000miles 1300cc)

My accelerator cable detached itself from the accelerator pedal bush whilst driving!

The cause of this was the metal hook attached to the end of the cable. The L shaped metal hook was bent outwards (i.e. the 90 degree L shape had bent to a 120 degree L shape). This resulted in the releasing of itself from the pedal rubber bush. The rubber bush was also in a poor shape due the poor contact with the hook.

I have replaced the bush and bent the hook back to it?s 90 degree L shape using pliers.

Should I really get a new accelerator cable and hook to be on the safe side?

VW Golf Broken Accelerator Cable - Robin the Technician
At 81,000 miles the least you should do is invest in a new cable. It could be regarded as safety related as you don't want to be booting it past Doris Dawdle in her Moggie minor with a Merc Actros pullin' hogs in an 8 wheeler coming the other way, when the bit you bodged to save a few quid, SNAPS!!! Go on, don't be a tightwad.... BUY ONE.
VW Golf Broken Accelerator Cable - DavidHM
Well it is a 1300 Golf... you might not notice for a while that it had broken!

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