Vectra engine cooling problem ? - Robbo
Wise Owls,

I have a potential 'issue' with the engine cooling system on my '97 Vectra 2.0 Di (yeah, yeah), and I was wondering if it is indicative of anything serious, or whether I can risk leaving well alone until I manage to part-ex the car, (hopefully towards the end of this year), thus avoiding any unnecessary expenditure.

Whilst travelling at a steady speed in a straight line, the temperature gauge (basic analogue one, no fancy digital version fitted) registers no temperature at all, the needle sits on the lower stop. When cornering, accelerating, or braking, the needle rises about 25% of the way up the scale, then drops back down to the stop again when travelling in the aforementioned straight line. At a halt, with the engine idling, the needle oscillates slowly between nothing and about 25%.

I don't seem to be losing cooling fluid, and the ECU light is not illuminated.

Any wisdom gratefully received.

Vectra engine cooling problem ? - Altea Ego
Voltage regulator to the instrument panel, bad earth to the engine, ie it sounds electrical to me. I had a ford where the temperature guage went down when you pushed the throttle. Turns out the car was earthing thro the throttle cable, as the engine moved the cable stoped earthing......
Vectra engine cooling problem ? - mark
Hi Robbo

I used to have one of these and exactly the symptoms you describe occurred following the replacement of spill pipes by highly trained VX technicians.

Seems they had crushed the cable to the temp sensor when doing the other work. To their credit they did own up and replace the section in question.

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