Exchange of fluids! - malteser
We have a 2 year old Skoda Fabia 1.9 tdi, with the PD engine. It has covered just under 45,000 km and we hope, as pensioners, to keep the car in good running order until WE are not!

I asked my Skoda dealers to carry out the 45,000 service last Monday and in addition requested they change the engine coolant, brake fluid and gearbox oil, plus the air and pollen filters.

The charming lady receptionist point blank refused "Is no necessary" in her best English. My Spanish is not yet good enough to argue the point so there the matter rested. I have insisted on intermediate oil & filter changes and they don't really want to do that either!

Now, I know that modern cars are supposed to run for ever on modern fluids, (I don't agree, by the way), but my question is -
"Am I being in too much of a "belt & braces" mode in my requests - how often should one have the fluids changed?"
Exchange of fluids! - 547HEW
Hi Malteser,

How often?

Following is based on handbook info for my Golf 1.9 PD engine, and consequences of not doing ref. your objective to keep the vehicle in good running order.

Coolant change: (from memory) I think this is every 3 yrs, irrespective of mileage.

Pollen Filter: Every 30,000 kms for average usage conditions. If blocked, its just uncomfortable, I dont think it will strain the blower motor excessively.

Brake fluid : Every 2 years. If your car has ABS this is a must in my opinion. (However its going to be 2.5 yrs before I do mine).

Air filter: Every 60,000 kms (smoke limited power if blocked)

Gearbox oil: No data , but I would leave alone if no leaks.

Engine oil and filter changed every 15,000 kms. But most importnat is use of correct spec. oil

Exchange of fluids! - Cyd
The manufavturers service interval is designed for a cars service lifetime, which is generally defined by the OEMs as 10-12 yrs or 100-150k miles. If you wish to keep a car in tip-top for a significantly greater lifetime then more frequent service intervals are likely to enhance the cars ability to meet your expectations of it.

How much more frequently is really down to you. If you do mostly short stop-start journeys and drive in hot dusty conditions you may wish to halve the interval for oil, oil filter and air filter. If you can't be sure of the fuel quality then similarly reduce the change interval of the fuel filter. And so on.

Also think about a regular (say bi-annual) underbody wash. Also think about a stainless exhaust when it eventually needs one.

At the end of the day it's your money and if this garage doesn't want to accept your business, go elsewhere.
Exchange of fluids! - Claude
That must be a first, a garage that doesnt want to do some extras as part of a routine service ! I agree entirely with the comments above and I think you are being very prudent in requesting those changes. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who confidently talk about Full Service History but never seem to read the small print in the service book where it refers to the need for more frequent fluid changes in stop/start and short journey motoring and dusty climates etc. Nor do most people seem to read the bit about coolant and brake fluid changes every 3 years or so yet they'll confidently assert that 'its been serviced by the book'.
Exchange of fluids! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Stick to your guns Malteser and get another garage to service it how YOU. want it done. Modern servicing intervals are set to please the fleet buyer who wants cheap running costs for the couple of years he is running it. Bear in mind that in the service book "arduous conditions" doesnt mean towing a 26 foot caravan to the Himalayas twice a week but instead means the twice daily school run and shopping trip with a combined mileage of 400 yards a week on cheap petrol!

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Exchange of fluids! - Peter D
Absolutely Peter
Exchange of fluids! - mark999
I am a great believer in changing oils/filters more regularly
than specified, especially as I tow a heavy caravan.
With regard to gearbox oil/fluid check the grade required with a competant dealer. I had problems when my Merc gearbox (manual)
was changed with EP80 when the correct grade should have been an ATF fluid.
Exchange of fluids! - L'escargot
My local Ford dealer checks the "boiling point" of the brake fluid, and provided that it is above a proscribed level they don't press you to have the fluid changed. If they think the fluid is OK, I'd sooner not have the hydraulic system mucked about with.

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