Cheap Diskloks ? - volvoman
Have seen these mentioned and recommended on this site several times so checked the maker's website to check the cost - $140-$150 plus shipping.

Saw them today at Costco Thurrock for just £47 IIRC inc. VAT which seems very cheap indeed so if anyone wants one, best get down there ....
Cheap Diskloks ? - KB.
Yes indeed VM, I saw them there and mentioned it in a thread recently - remarkably cheap for such a genuinely good product.

Paid about £60 in a wholesalers myself then saw them in Costco and could have kicked myself. The only consolation was that I preferred the silver one and they only have the yellow in CC.

I believe they're still £80 in Halfords.
Cheap Diskloks ? - Obsolete
Do you need them though? I sometimes used to use one on my last car (Micra) but after it got broken into several times without the lock on and with no attempt to drive off I gave up. I think electronic ignitions are too hard to break? After all that is the rational behind car-jacking.
Cheap Diskloks ? - KB.
No, you don't *need* them, it's just something extra in addition to the immobiliser or alarm and the standard steering lock. Just an extra bit of peace of mind. Hopefully a prospective thief may look and see it (and their visible enough)and maybe figure that if you've gone to the trouble of fitting one then maybe you've taken your valuables out of the car and generally done as much as you can to make life hard for him. And in practice (according to all the tests) they're really hard to get off so even if you do get your window broken you shouldn't lose the car.
Cheap Diskloks ? - Gen
Unfortunately more likely the thief will look, see a disklock, figure therefore probably no alarm, and break the window for a quick look round.
Cheap Diskloks ? - KB.
Any current/ex car thieves like to settle this one?
Cheap Diskloks ? - blank
Not a current or ex car thief, but I suggest that it depends on how the thief in question thinks. It is impossible to predict.
Cheap Diskloks ? - Ben {P}
But on a car that comes with an alarm as standard (common these days) like a mondeo, who is going to bother with it if it is fitted with a disk-lock? Only reason i havent used mine on my mondeo is that i set the horn off every time i put the damn thing on.
Cheap Diskloks ? - KB.
Yes of course it is Andy. Which is why I reckon that, as it costs nothing to use, it may well put off a possible attack and has no 'down-side' (apart from buying it in the first place) and therefore has to be worthwhile.

Additionally if I buy a car without an alarm, I always go to my local car alarm dealer and either (a) Get him to fit an alarm or (b) buy a couple of his "COBRA ALARM FITTED" stickers (the sort that he would fit if he *had* fitted an alarm).

An obvious factor in all this is how nickable your car is plus where you live/work/park it etc. I don't have a BMW Coupe. My car's kept in a garage at night and in a fairly secure private car park during the day. Perhaps I've just been lucky compared to others here but (fingers crossed) have had no thefts of or from any of my (30 odd) cars in the past 35 years.
Cheap Diskloks ? - glowplug
Personally I've always viewed physical security as different to electronic devices. The physical one should stop the drive away and the electronic the casual smash and grab. I have no problems fitting both to my cars, even a £500 banger. The way I see it is this, if I take the trouble to protect my car and leave nothing of value in there or on display then the thief will move on to the easier/richer pickings of the lazier/foolish motorist doesn't bother.

Funnily enough my sister in law had a letter from the local police that at 4.30am they noticed her stoplock was laid on the back seat. Figures though, she's the laziest person I've ever met.



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