Good or Bad ? - egor
What do you think of these deals ?

S reg vauxhall gsi estate 120,000 miles full service history serviced by vauxhall twice a year every year , looks really nice condition £3995 3 months warranty

R reg vauxhall omega estate automatic cd 2 litre, full service,
87.000 MILES £5295 3 months warranty

S reg mondeo 2.0iglx 59.000 miles full service history, £4995 with years warranty

v reg laguna 1.8 rt alize , 71000 miles, £4995 full service, 3 months warranty

S reg passatt 1.8 se 20v, 85000 miles, full service, £5995, 3 months warranty

S reg 406 1.9tdlx, 96000 miles , full service , £5995 6 months warranty

S reg vectra sri 2litre, 68000 miles, full service ,£5995, 6 months warranty

Which of these would you go for as ive been looking and confused.Dont know whether to go for high mileage or low and older car?
Good or Bad ? - Morris Ox
Always go for the youngest car you can get, egor. An old car is an old car, whether it's done 10,000 miles or 100,000 miles. An old car which has been languishing doing nothing (i.e., low miles) should be avoided.

The GSi has led a busy life, but with a V6 it's likely to drink juice. Wouldn't touch and Omega auto 2.0 litre for the same reason: it's a heavy, underpowered car and has a big thirst.

Old Lagunas are not good buys (see Car-by-Car Breakdown on this site), 406's also a little suspect.

The ones worth looking at are the Mondeo, the Passat or the Vectra (though some have doubts about these, too). The soundest bet of the lot is the Mondeo, which is one of HJ's personal favourites and with good reason. I'd try to talk them down a bit from £4995 (you'll find them for less on Autotrader), but if it's well-specced (aircon etc) that would be my favourite.

If you like the look of the Passat make sure it has had a cambelt change. These are due for replacement at 80,000 but failures before then are not unknown - so make sure it's been done.
Good or Bad ? - egor
its got cd and air con is from a garage and comes with a years warranty
Good or Bad ? - Tomo
I'd just suggest a peek at another thread, "Japanese Reliablity! "

Good luck

Good or Bad ? - DavidHM
The Vectra GSi is probably the most interesting, but expensive in ways that don't have much to do with reliability - normal parts, servicing and fuel, for instance. Most of the others are overpriced for what they are, so it would be a question of choosing the 'least worst option'.

I don't know where you live in the country, but places like the Great Trade Centre (tread carefully there though) have cars with FSH and similar mileage for less.

There is no easy answer in the mileage vs. age question as a lot depends on how many miles and/or years you're keeping the car for. Probably 3 years and 60-80k is the 'safest' area to buy in terms of minimising both depreciation and repairs, but so much depends on your individual circumstances and preferences that there is no honest answer to give.
Good or Bad ? - carayzee
They sound like very expensive ordinary cars to me.
My old man got offered £4000 on a trade in (against a new Mondeo) for his S reg Mondeo 1.8 something (facelift with big alloys). Only 12,000 miles and it's totally minted in the way that only old peoples cars are.
Alternatively, a mate a work just bought a S plate Volvo V40 T4 with 60k miles for £7k from a dealer.
Good or Bad ? - DavidHM
£4k - that's not a trade in, that's a £1500 discount! :-) Mileage matters but at 4 years old, 40k and 12k are more or less the same thing.

If he was paying list, he may even have been giving the car away - on certain models, like a Ghia X tdci, certain dealers and brokers will happily give you £4000 off! Against a Graphite, £4k would be a steal, but even a Mistral (essentially a 1.8 LX) can be had for £3k below list for the LX.
Good or Bad ? - carayzee
It was against a Graphite I believe. So you reckon 4k is a storming price for his old Mondeo? Sounds cheap(ish) against the ones posted originally.
The Graphite deal wasn't actually available if you wanted to pay for it with real money btw. had to take finance. The dealer told him to take out the finance and cancel it in 2 months!
That's not his thing so he walked.
Good or Bad ? - egor
Thanks for the replys, just looked at great trade centre for a passatt and the most similar is a s reg passatt 79000 miles for £7799 so doesnt seem that good a deal to me.
Good or Bad ? - DavidHM
The car you've looked at is a diesel - Passat TDis are always worth far more than petrols because they have masses of torque, a great reputation for reliability and use only 60% of the fuel that a petrol does.

They also have a W plate 1.8S with 60k for £6399 and a 99V 1.8 petrol turbo Sport with 80k for £5799, either of which is better value in my opinion than the S plater you've suggested, as long as the condition, colour, etc., stack up.
Good or Bad ? - Maz

None of these look great deals to me, and there are so many Mondeos about. Have you seen Ben Chapman's

I assume you are both in the South East?
Good or Bad ? - egor
Hi im from south west not east.
Just done a valuation with glass's guide on the passatt and its come up with £5250 excellent condition and £7010 retail and they want £5995 from a dealer,
Gsi £3320 excellent condition and £5050 retail and he wants 3995, these are all from glass's guide and on the mileage mentioned above.
Good or Bad ? - Maz
In the South West Carfinders are great. Although they charged me £100, that was a full days work (I'm fussy) and I saved about £500. I've posted the number on a thread a few days ago.


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