Cylinder Head Gasket ? - steveb
Hi Guys,

I suspect the above.

Vaux Corsa L Reg 1.4 LS 82PS

Started losing coolant a couple of weeks ago.
Today started general hesitation and loss of power.
Mayonaise in oil filler cap.
Oil leal (first time) from top of engine block near rightmost sparkplug.
Bubbling sound from behind dashboard (heater matrix ?).

Could anyone confirm, and what I would expect to be charged for renewal ? NOT going to a Vauxhall dealer !

Many thanks in anticipation.

Cylinder Head Gasket ? - mj
Just paid £480 for head skim and pressure test, replacement gasket,head bolts,intake and exhaust manifold gaskets,anti freeze,labour and vat.All this for a 1.9d zx thru a local independent citreon garage
Cylinder Head Gasket ? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
As a ball park figure including essentials such as timing belt (and possible water pump) cooling system flush/motor flush, fresh oil,filter and coolant,plugs etc etc budget for £400-£450.

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Cylinder Head Gasket ? - steveb
Cheers Andrew & MJ

Cars going into garage this morning for inspection ....

Cylinder Head Gasket ? - steveb
Returned home with the car today.

Total cost £333 at an AA (Halfords) Service Centre which I didn't think was too bad considering.

Cylinder Head Gasket ? - king arthur
I was going to say around £, honestly I was.

Value my car