Invalidated Warranty and Servicing - Robin
I have just found out that we have invalidated the warranty on my wife's Punto by overlooking a service. We bought the car when it was about 8 months old with 2000 miles on the clock. It is now 24 months old with 11500 miles. We assumed it would need a service at 12,000 miles so I booked it in this morning. Bloke told me it should have had a 12 month service and since this was missed the warranty is now invalid. The service (a 24 month or 24,000 miler) is nearly £200. A local non-franchised garage could do it for about £50.

My question is thus: is it worth getting a main dealer service? We will probably keep the car for a good while yet so does the absence of a main dealer stamp for the 1st few services matter? As we have no warranty I am thinking about resale value only.

Actually, as I write this I realise it probably does not! Any BR'ers agree?

Invalidated Warranty and Servicing - Blue {P}
Maybe not a huge amount, but I would imagine that it would make the car easier to sell.

You say you're gonna keep the car a while, if you are, then I'd seriously think about more regular oil changes, it should always be done every year even if you haven't covered the mileage. Check out HJ's advice in the FAQ. I'm gonna go for 5,000 mile changes to keep the Fiesta running sweetly, but then I can't afford for anything to go wrong with mine, and it does take quite a lot of abuse from my right foot. :)

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