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Today I took my 08 plate 2.3 daily to garage (Northern commercials) in Sussex, as it needed work on handbrake doing. I also asked them to diagnose the lack of power my van has always suffered from. They said it has a cracked EGR, and it was about £700 inc. parts & labour to fix. Well, I brought it to them a couple of years ago and mentioned the same lack of power, and that time they claimed it was the fact that the van was missing its cat converter, £1400 later the vans power issue wasn't fixed, and in fact seemed ever so slightly less powerful. So what do I do? I don't know any other garages in my area familiar with Iveco, but surely a second opinion would be advisable before I part with more money. The van has always suffered from a lack of power, especially when loaded on hills, I sometimes have to go down to second gear on extreme motorway gradients, though that it is the exception. Been the same for 3 years, though I sense its getting a bit worse lately, would a cracked egr valve stay like this for 3 years? Just don't know who to trust.

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Many garages are woefully ignorant of modern car design and work on a try it an see basis unless they happen to have had the same fault before and cured it. You are much more likely to get satisfaction from a diesel specialist - they usually know what they are doing.

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A cracked EGR seems odd. I wouldn't have thought it was a part that could crack easily.

If it is damaged there should be a lot of soot visible around the area.

I would have also thought a crack would mess up the air flow and put the van in limp mode.

Cheapest stop gap solution would be to fit a blanking plate to see if that improves power.

Then get a second opinion before replacing.

Iveco daily - EGR fault - mikeandvan

It was a crack in the pipe coming off the EGR, but they said EGR needed replacing, yes I'm cynical too............I wouldn't know how to fit a blanking plate on the EGR, but I know what you mean. I'll take it somewhere else.

Iveco daily - EGR fault - mikeandvan

Thanlks for reply, what exactly is a diesel specialist?

Iveco daily - EGR fault - galileo

Thanlks for reply, what exactly is a diesel specialist?

Google diesel service centres, Bosch have several, there are usually others in most towns.

Iveco daily - EGR fault - Gibbo_Wirral

Maybe sign up to this Iveco owners forum and ask for a local recommenation. You might even drop lucky and find a local who would be willing to have a look:

Iveco daily - EGR fault - mikeandvan

Thanks I'm on the Iveco forum, but its not that active.

Iveco daily - EGR fault - sandy56

We recently bought a Iveco Daily and have been very happy with the service received from IVECO for a post purchase "health check".

We had a local Renault ( used to be Iveco) truck garage service the Daily as it was overdue and they have done a good job and been very helpful.

There are Iveco dealers across the south, check their website for the address and on a map.

The 2.2 engine is considered rather weak, so we went for the 3 litre diesel, and it pulls very well.


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