Punto GT loss of power. - The Booster
I recently had my head gasket changed and ever since then the performance of the car under 3000 revs has been very poor.It seems as though without the turbo the engine is really weak.I took the car back to the garage but they said they could find nothing wrong.Someone told me it could be due to incorrect timing so I took the car to FIAT to get the timing checked and they said all was fine.I didn't ask them to look any further into the problem due to their ridiculous labour charges!!
Anyone got any ideas?
Punto GT loss of power. - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Did you ask them to check the ignition timing or the cam timing ?
The ignition timing is triggered from the crankshaft, so will be correct EVEN if the cam timing is out. A lack of power after a head off job is a classic symptom for a cam timing error, and you must ensure that this is checked before going deeper.

HTH, Adam
Punto GT loss of power. - The Booster
Thanks for the reply Adam.
Is this something any garage can do or should I only take it to FIAT?


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