Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Blun
Hi there,

My saxo airbag light is flashing (again!). I know this is a very common problem in saxos, caused by a dodgey connection under the drivers seat.

Anyone know how I could fix it?

Many thanks.
Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Dynamic Dave
Anyone know how I could fix it?

Without trying to sound patronising; as mentioned in other similiar posts, you'll need to take it to a dealership for them to reset the light.
Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Blun
Thanks for your reply.

I'm reluctant to take it to a dealer as they've been nothing but unhelpful in the past.

The light was flashing a few months ago, and then went out for a couple of months before returning the other day. This is what makes me think it could be simply a loose connection?
Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Ben79
Try disconnecting the battery, waiting an hour for capacitors to discharge.

Try wiggling, disconnecting and reconnecting the connectors under the seat.

If that doesn't work, you will need to replace the connectors or solder the wires together.

Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Robin the Technician
This is a common problem with peugeot/citroen models and i have suffered it on my Pugeot 406 estate. There is only one cure as laid down in one of Pug/Cit's Technical Bulletins. You need to cut the plugs out of the harness on the underside of each seat. You then need to solder the wires back together (colour to colour of course) and you will resolve the problem completely. A reasonable auto electrician should be able to do this in about half an hour (it took me that long).
Hope this helps
Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Blun
Cheers robin, looks like its time for yet another trip to the garage for the saxo :(
Saxo Airbag Light Problem - glowplug
If the connection is dodgy, will that stop the airbag working when it should? I know it sounds a stupid question but is the connection part of the triggering mechanism or some other sensor that's not 'vital'?

Saxo Airbag Light Problem - Robin the Technician
I have no idea- I would assume not otherwise there would be a need for the vehicles to be recalled on safety grounds. I tried all ways to avoid the inevitable of cutting out the plugs ( I am a lazy technician when it comes to my car) but all to no avail. As I said it was quite simple to do and I've had no further problems since. Coincidentaly, a friend of mine recently bought a 406 saloon V6 from a guy who had been plagued with the same problem. An hour or so with cutters, Soldering iron and tape and the problem was solved.
Hope this helps!!


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