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Car Cover POPLA - the.bloke

Hi All
The subject has been raise but I cannot find the answer.

I have been parking my classic car with a full car cover on a private estate [Notting Hill estate] for nearly 3 years now. No problem with this with the tenants.

Suddenly boards from ParkDirectUk posted all over.

I spoke to two tenants and asked them the reasons. Few unwanted cars apparently.
Each flat have been given two resident permits without any Reg restrictions. Each permit can be used on any cars.
The tenants do not object me to park there. I have a spot.

The question is, can any warden from ParkDirectUk remove or lift the cover from my car to see if there is a valid permit or to see the car Reg?

Being on private land, I believe that the road tax is not applicable. [It is taxed and insured as my daily car]
I have read on few websites that the wardens cannot touch the car cover yet on others, they can.
Being a private land, does it differ from public roads?
I cannot park the classic convertible car on public roads with a cover as it will be vandalised in few days.
Any help welcome. Thanks.

Car Cover POPLA - ExA35Owner

Are you a tenant there? Or do you have specific permission to park there?

You may well get some helpful advice from the very well-informed folks on pepipoo.....

Car Cover POPLA - badbusdriver

Being truthful, i don't know the answer to your question from a legal point of view. But, if ParkDirectUK are now responsible for the parking, it stands to reason they have to be able to find out whether or not a car is allowed to be there. So however it happens, you are going to loose your parking. Unless you can make some sort of deal with someone who lives there but doesn't have a car?.

I am confused by your last paragraph though, you say being on private land road tax is not applicable, but then say it is taxed and insured as your daily car?. Now, if the car is on private land and not being used, then no, you don't have to tax it, but you do have to have it registered SORN. But if you are using it daily, surely it must be taxed?.

Just out of curiousity, what kind of car is it?

Car Cover POPLA - daveyjp

A private parking company make money by issuing invoices. If they can find any car with a registration plate parked up and not following their 'rules' you can expect an invoice.

Any argument over them moving covers won't work as any sort of defence at POPLA.

If the car isn't used much your first job is to take the reg plates off before the invoices and demands for payment start arriving.

Car Cover POPLA - catsdad
.....but isnt a car without plates, with no link to a resident, liable to be towed as being abandoned?

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