Renault Safrane 2.2 What to do? - liz
Renault Safrane 2.2 What to do?

I have a poorly Renault Safrane 2.2 on an M plate.It?s got all the toys and leather interior.

3 months ago it had a new head gasket fitted by a Renault Dealer.

Shortly after that the cam shaft broke, because of distortion. (In the cylinder or the cylinder head I neither know nor understand.) (I do mean shaft. Not belt.)

An independent garage suggested that the head/engine should have been condemned and the vehicle was towed to the original garage, who denied responsibility.

A short and unsuccessful attempt at legal action occurred and the situation is now this:

I owe the garage 600 quid for work on the car + storage.

However to get rid of it the Garage will dispose of the car for me leaving us quits for £160 + Towing Costs.

The car is in theory worth 1800 quid in good running order.

I have since bought a new car.

My questions are:
a) How much will it cost for a new engine, fitted?
b) Is it worth putting a new engine in the hope that I can sell the car and more than cover my costs?
c) Does anyone in the Bexhill-on-Sea area want to take it off my hands for some token amount over £160 pounds.
d) If I accept c) should I be looking for a buyer willing to pay more? If so what?

Many thanks in advance.

Renault Safrane 2.2 What to do? - DavidHM
Try £1300 fixed if you find a philanthropic millionaire collector who's always wanted a Safrane... they're about as popular as mould on an armchair, sorry.

You might be able to make a profit, just about, by finding a second hand engine and a cheap garage to fit it. However, such a profit would be miniscule and would take a lot of your time.

My advice would be to let the garage do what they like with it - they'll probably source an engine and do the work themselves before auctioning it. When you say they'll dispose of it for £160, I take it you mean that they are willing to write off £440 of your bill? If you dispose of it yourself, you'd still owe them £600?

Given that your legal action was unsuccessful (small claims court threw out the case?) I'd just swallow this final bill and let the Safrane get scrapped or sold to some poor unsuspecting fool.
Renault Safrane 2.2 What to do? - M.M

DavidHM is right.

If you got away with just a new head that would be close to £1000 fitted. A decent complete exchange engine will be double that.

I'd go even harder than above on the Safrane value. Even in repaired order with MOT you may find there were no buyers until you got the price to/below its trade level of £600ish.

Of course someone in the trade, or a good DIYer, will be able to do this in their own time with a used engine for under £300.

As you have a new car now just walk away at the least the garage who have it will settle for, have a nice meal out and forget all about it.

*By the way your line in dealerspeak is good enough to go on Right car Wrong car.



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