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My father's Rover 97(R)620 SLi keyfobs seem to have stopped working. One key has also now stopped working.

My local Rover specialist couldn't help. He told me that I need to go to the main dealer.

So off I went to the main dealer. The dealer told me that I should have some bar codes for my key fobs otherwise they cannot program them! However they would gladly sell a key fob to me for £60 each and they would charge £60 to reprogram my keys and fobs. £180 seems like a lot of money as they couldn't guarantee that this would work, as they told me that I may also need a new ECU!

The car was supplied from a main dealer which has now closed down. And the car was supplied directly by Rover.

Does anyone know how I can get my key fobs and keys to be reprogrammed cheaply? Any help would be most appreciated.

Rover 600 Keyfobs - Dynamic Dave
Not sure if these people can help you or not.
Rover 600 Keyfobs - Robin the Technician
I'm not sure what they are on about with bar codes?? The normal way to re-program would be to connect the car up to a reprogramming device and set fob to car. I assume you've changed the batteries in the fobs?? As for a Rover main dealer doing the job and costing you a fortune, many indepenent garages can do this as the 'electronic device' to do the job can be purchased by them. There is also an option to get key fob program number by getting your Rover main dealer to obtain the relevant code from Rover direct. There may be a charge for this though.

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Rover 600 Keyfobs - ShereKhan
Well when I went to two different Rover dealers (SMC Rover & Horners Rover) Both told me the same story. When you receive the car there is a bar code that is supplied for the key fobs. Apparently they cant reprogram the fobs without it.

I've changed the batteries twice just to make sure. The light on the fob comes on when you press the buttons.

I haven't been able to find a single independent willing to do the job. I've even asked a locksmith who reprograms fobs, they told me main dealer only!

The main dealers I have dealt with are useless. I would have thought the dealers I have contacted would know how to get the fob program number. I know Peugeot have a marketing system which they can get radio codes from, and they dont charge for it if your is on the marketing system.

If you can direct me to someone who can do the job maybe such as yourself....? Then it would be most appreciated.

Rover 600 Keyfobs - Cheeky
I managed to re-program the fob to my old Rover 214 myself. If you can get hold of a workshop manual, there may be instructions how to store the code. It was a similar vintage to yours, and no doubts all the bits came out of the same parts bin.

So if worse comes to worse, by a new alarm remote and save some cash by trying to program it yourself - I found it easy, so you should have no problem if you locate a workshop manual!

Good luck.
Rover 600 Keyfobs - ShereKhan
Unfortunately the Rover 600 uses a dreaded "RED" key and requires a Rover dealer computer for reprogramming. The Rover 214 doesn't use a "RED" key system. So is a lot easier to sort out.

I've managed to find a few cheap remotes on Ebay but they don't seem to come with bar code :(

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