Accord - what have they done? - Steve S
Is it me or have they turned the new Honda Accord into a featureless slab? Front looks OK but the back..jeez. How does there new ad line go - isn't it good when things work.
Accord - what have they done? - Burnout2
Well, it's all subjective of course, but at least it's not as crushingly bland as the old model. I think the main problem is that the wheels on the standard models aren't nearly big enough for such a high-waisted slab-sided rump, but (to me) the design does succeed in looking more expensive and interesting than a Mondeo / Vectra.

The cabin is excellent too, far more convincing exec pretensions than my bleakly functional 2000 model with its slivers of shiny plastic wood and steering wheel nicked from a Korean supermini. Apparently the chassis is sweet too - if Honda offered a big torquey V6 at the top end that significantly undercut the Germans then I might even have considered one next time. As it is the pricing is over-ambitious, however good the engineering.

Accord - what have they done? - kex
My personal view

Love it so far, but have not seen it in the flesh yet ????
Accord - what have they done? - volvoman
From the little I've seen of it on TV I think it looks very smart and clean. I much prefer straight/sharp lines to curves and find almost all the current generation of mass market cars unattractive. Whilst I certainly didn't choose my Volvo for its looks I do find 'squarer' cars nicer to look at - at least when it comes to the volume market. I much prefer the looks of old V70 to the new one for example.

When it comes to more exclusive cars, however, there's nothing more beatiful for me than an Aston Martin and I find many of the well known foreign sports cars very beautiful indeed.
Accord - what have they done? - Steve G
Yet another manufacturer thats tried to copy design cues from the Alfa Romeo 156.
Rear lights clusters/ single crease line the length of the car.....
Mazda/Seat are also using Alfa's design cues.
I suppose being copied is the most flattering form of complement.
Agree with the comment about needing bigger wheels apart from that its OK.
Accord - what have they done? - Steve S
"Yet another manufacturer thats tried to copy design cues from the Alfa Romeo 156."

Some of them maybe, but not that rump. 7 series BMW more like.

I think one of the previous posters has hit the nail on the head - it's the wheels they need to be bigger. The boot looks like it's on casters!


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